Week of November 26

Looking Ahead

Bible/Chapel Prep:

We will begin our unit on the Christmas story this week.  We will focus in on the incredible actions of each of the characters in the story but ultimately, we will uncover God’s ultimate incredible action of sending His son Jesus into our world.

Bible Memory test is this Friday, November 30.

Language Arts:

Spelling: We will continue our spelling unit on number words.  Spelling tests is on Friday, November 30th.

Literacy: Over the next few weeks, we will introduce our first lessons in Reading Power.  Students will discover that making connections to what they read will help deepen their understanding of a text.

Writing: Students will have lots of opportunities to practice journal writing we read about and reflect on the Christmas story.


Students will be introduced to our new math unit on showing and seeing numbers.  Students will explore different ways they can show and describe numbers between 1-100 using objects, drawings and symbols

Upcoming Dates:

November 29- Musical practice field trip to middle campus to practice for our upcoming Christmas concert.  Field trip consent form has been sent through MSM.

November 30- Family Groups cookie decorating and RED and GREEN Day! Please send 1/4 cup of peanut free candies along with your child to use for cookie decorating.

December 3- Christmas Musical matinee at 1:30 pm and Report Cards published.

December 4- Christmas Concert at the Chan Centre.  Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible!

December 5- Skating Field Trip.  More info to be sent via the MSM Field Trip consent form.

December 7- 2HB sing at Rosewood Manor (9:30-11:30).

December- 2HB Chapel, last day of classes before the Christmas holidays.

Week of November 19

Looking Ahead

Ilys is Star of the Week

Language Arts

Literacy- Students will continue to present their oral stories to their peers.

Spelling- In preparation to an upcoming math unit on representing numbers in different ways, the students will be learning how to spell number words this week.  You child will bring home a list of number words to memorize. The red group will need to know how to spell words from 0-10, green group 0-20, blue group 0-100 and yellow group 0-100. Since it is a short week, the students will have 2 weeks to learn their words. The spelling test will be on November 30th. 

Bible Memory Verse

But God made the earth by his power; he founded the world by his wisdom and stretched out the heavens by his understanding. Jeremiah 10:12

The verse will be recited on November 30th, 2018.


Our math math unit on equal/not equal will wrap up this week.  We will continue to practice comparing two unequal sets and using a variety of strategies to make them equal.  We will also be practicing word problems.

Social Studies

This week we will continue to look at map symbols and how they are used in maps.  Students will practice reading maps of our school and will create a map of the classroom.

Upcoming Dates

November 20 @ noon- tickets are available for purchase for Christmas Concert.  Please read instructions sent to you from Mrs. Ann Michele via email.

November 23- Pro D day.  No School.

November 30- Family Groups.

December 3- Report Cards Sent out to MSM.

December 4- Christmas Concert at the Chan Centre (6:30).

December 14- 2HB Chapel

December 14- last day of school before Christmas Break.

Week of November 13

Looking Back

What a wonderful ice skating field trip we had!  Thank you so much to our incredible parents for helping us to get on and off the ice, for skating with us and for cheering us on!  If you have any photos that you would like to share, please email them to Mrs. Bjornson or Mrs. Ho and we can post a few!

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week: Hayes is Star of the Week this week.

Library: Due to the Holiday Monday, library has been switched to Wednesday.

Literacy: The green storyboards that were sent home last week are due on Tuesday, November 13.  If you are unsure about what your child is supposed to do, please view an email that was sent by Mrs. Ho that explains the activity.

Spelling: There is NO spelling this week.

Bible: We will continue to review some of the early Kings of Israel: Solomon, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, and Ahab. We will focus on their sins, response, and God’s mercy with each king.

Bible Memory Test: This weeks bible memory test is November 16

Math: We will continue to explore the concept of Equal and Not Equal. Students will be practicing how to make two sets equal by using addition or subtraction.  We will also be exploring word problems.

Socials: This week we will wrap up our unit on Rights and Responsibilities.  We will also continue with our mapping unit with a focus on the compass rose and symbols.