Week of December 10

Looking Ahead

Jaycee is student of the Week.

Bible/Chapel Prep- we will continue preparing for our chapel. Please read email sent out on Sunday.  Also, please note that we will be practicing in the large gym from 8:30-9:15 each day.  In addition, we will schedule some more practice times.  See schedule below.

Language Arts:

Spelling- resumes this week.

Writing- 12 Days of Christmas, Christmas card message for buddies

Reading/Presenting- Narrators will practice reading with expression, clarity and proper pace. Actors will practice memorizing their parts and performing their actions with appropriate and expressive gestures.

Math- The students will be introduced to number lines.

Social Studies- study of Canadian regions continues.

 Important Dates:

Dec 11

-no PE. Our class will be practicing for chapel

-Music sharing in music class

Dec 12

-PE, Music and French as usual

Dec 13

-no PE, music or French. Our class will be practicing for chapel.

Dec 14

– 2HB Chapel.  Please arrive between 8:00-8:15.  Enter through the outside door.  Parents, if you are able, we would love your assistance with putting on costumes between 8:00-8:30.  Thank you in advance!

-Last Day of classes. School closes at 2:45pm

-The library will be closed after school on Friday, December 14th. Students are welcome to keep their books over the break. If you are planning to travel, please keep library books.

Reminder: Skating Field Trip tomorrow!

Image result for skating cartoon

Sorry for this late reminder, but tomorrow your child will have a skating field trip. Please remember to dress your child appropriately for skating. If you have your own skates and an appropriate ice skating helmet (bike helmets are not allowed), you can bring them.

Finally, parents are asked NOT to attend. This will be an opportunity for the Grade 7 Buddies to develop their responsibility by assisting their little buddy. Thank you for your understanding!

Week of December 3

Looking Ahead

Jason is Star of the Week


This week, we will continue to practice and rehearse for our upcoming Chapel on Friday, December 14th.  More information will be sent to your email shortly.

Bible Memory- Due December 14th.

Language Arts:

  • Spelling- there is NO spelling this week
  • Writing- 2HB will work together to create their own 12 Days of Christmas story.
  • Literacy/Non- Fiction Writing/Social Studies- Students will begin a short study of one of Canada’s regions.  They will practice some of the reading strategies they have learned so far to locate specific information pertaining to their region of study.  Students will practice writing facts that contain relevant information.


This week we will continue to practice showing and representing numbers in different ways.  Students will also be introduced to ordinal numbers which are numbers that tell the position of something in a sequence (first, second, third etc.)


Upcoming Dates


December 3: Christmas Musical matinee at 1:30 pm and Report Cards published.

December 4: Christmas Concert at the Chan Centre. Library is CLOSED after school.

December 5: Skating Field Trip.  More info to be sent via the MSM Field Trip consent form.

December 7: 2HB sing at Rosewood Manor (9:30-11:30).

December 14: 2HB Chapel, last day of classes before the Christmas holidays.