Week of January 28

Star of the week- Lucas

Bible- We will be learning about the Sermon on the Mount and focusing on loving our enemies.

Bible Memory- Test is this Thursday, January 31st

Reading- We will wrap up practicing the comprehension strategy of visualization.

2HB Reading Challenge- for the month of February, 2HB will participate in a class reading challenge.  More details will be sent home this week.

Writing- We will revisit the writing traits of ideas (staying on topic) and word choice (using powerful verbs) to improve our writing.

Math- We will wrap up our unit on skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s beginning at various starting points.

Science- We will continue to learn about the stages of the water cycle and apply our understanding of the stages by creating a written piece titled, “Journey of a water droplet”.

Art- we will finish creating our Metis Sash this week.

Upcoming Dates:

Pro D- Feb 1

2HB Reading Challenge- Begins Feb 1

Dance week- Feb 4-8


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