Week of February 25

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week– Merak

Bible- this week students will be preparing to share their learning for their student-led conference on February 27.

Bible Memory Test- the test will be on Friday, March 1st.

Language Arts

Spelling- spelling resumes this week.  The test will be this Friday, March 1st.

Reading- Students will continue to practice the reading strategy of asking questions to deepen their understanding of a text.

Writing- Students will be preparing to share their writing pieces for student-led conferences on February 27.

Math- Students will be preparing to share their learning about estimation  for their student-led conference on February 27.  Students will learn about and practice various addition and subtraction strategies.

Science- Students will continue their unit on animal life cycles by studying the Salmon Fry and comparing them to their animal of study.

Upcoming Dates-

Wednesday, February 27th- Student-Led Conferences, no school.


Week of February 19

Please note that due to a shorter week, there will be NO SPELLING for this week.

Urban Animal Safari In-House workshop was canceled due to our snow day last Tuesday.  We will reschedule them at a later date TBD.

Looking Ahead

Bible Memory: Students will receive their new memory verse on Tuesday.  Please check their agenda for the new memory verse.  Test on March 1.


Our home reading challenge is in full swing!  The students earned over 100 “books” for our door.  We are hoping to earn 219 “books” for February!

We will continue to explore various reading strategies that help us become more powerful readers.

Writing: We are continuing on the writing trait of organization and the interesting ways we can start our story.

Math: We will continue to learn different strategies to help us estimate and continue with our adding and subtracting unit by playing place value games.

Science: Home water conservation projects have begun! We hope that your child is encouraging the family save water by following their water conservation plan.

Animal research projects will begin!

Upcoming Dates:

Home water conservation plan: February 15-21


Wednesday, February 27- Student-Led conferences.  No school on this day.  Please follow the email prompts sent my Mrs. Teodoro to sign up for a conference time.

Week of February 4

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week- Maddox

This week is DANCE WEEK!  Instead of having French, P.E. and Music, students will participate in dance for 30-45 minutes each day.  This means that our shape of the week will look different than usual…

Bible- We will continue to understand what Jesus was teaching on the Sermon on the Mount.

Bible Memory- We will begin a new memory verse for the next two weeks.  The new verse will be glued into your child’s agenda on Monday.

Language Arts:

Writing/Science- Students will continue with their creative stories on a journey of a drop of water.  In this written piece, the students will imagine they are a drop of water and write of a story of themselves traveling through the various stages of the water cycle.

Reading- we will continue to learn about and practice various reading strategies that help us deepen our comprehension of a text as well as skills to improve accuracy.

Math- Students will continue learning about estimation in math and practice various strategies.  Students will also begin a new math unit on addition and subtraction strategies.

Science- What is water conservation and why is it important? Introduction to a water conservation home project.

Art- This week we will be inspired by the artist, Andy Warhol.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, February 7th- Library (Due to Dance Week, Library has been switch)

Thursday, February 14th- Valentines Day.  Students do NOT need to participate, but if they wish to make valentines cards, please note that they must make one for everyone in the class.  Please pick up a class list if you would like to make cards.