Week of April 8

Looking Ahead

Student of the week– Shawn

iCare for the World– This week we will be focusing in on the word, sacrifice as we learn more about ICC, the work they do and what we can do to support them.  Your child has brought home an envelope with information and a pledge form.  Students have been challenged to think about ways they can sacrifice to support ICC.  Some ideas the students came up with  include sacrificing some of their own money or by sacrificing time by asking neighbours and family members for donations, or taking the time to raise their own money by collecting bottles or hosting a garage sale… Now some of these ideas may not be doable for your family.  But we encourage your child to try one thing that will allow them to sacrifice.

Donations- your child has come up with a fundraising goal.  They were challenged to think about a total they felt they could actually reach.  Students can collect cash or cheques and place them in their envelope.  If donors wish to donate via credit card, families are asked to create their own account by visiting www.chinaconcern.org/icarefortheworld.  Team 2HB has also been created online so while your own online donations will be recorded and kept up-to-date, you will also be contributing to our class totals.  Our 2HB class goal is $500.00, which means that each student is asked to raise just over $20!  I think we can double or even triple our class goal, don’t you?  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Donations are due back to the Office by April 15.

Math– Financial Literacy

Next week during Math, we will be exploring Financial Literacy through play.

Every day for the week, the students in 2HB will be given $1 in paper money. Students will also be given a bank account (a small-folder) with three pockets marked: tithe, save and spend. For the week, they will be expected to plan, save and spend their money by Friday.

Here is what they can spend their money on:

$1 – 5 mins. of extra recess time (up to 15 minutes extra)

They can use their money to spend on extra time everyday.

$3 – An art activity with Ms. Chan, Gymnastic lesson with Ms. Hesmert OR Rock climbing wall with Mrs. Bjornson (30mins).

This activity is only available on Friday and will be happening during class time.

$0-$5 – Tithe

Students can tithe up to $5.  The teacher will match their tithe with real money so they can offer their tithe to their church on Sunday or contribute to ICC. They will be given the money on Friday, April 12th.

Please begin discussing the importance and value of tithing, saving and spending with your child tonight. You may also want to share how your family manages money on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How does your family see money and its place for building God’s kingdom? We are positive your child will have many ideas to contribute. We also encourage you to discuss what your child plans to do with their money next week.

Thank you!


Home Reading will look a little different this term. In the previous terms, recording time has been optional.  This term, we ask that your child include their number of minutes read as part of their daily home reading. In addition, a number of minutes-per-week goal has been set for your child.  We based the goals on your child’s previous performance and so the goal should be easily attainable.  Let’s give it a few weeks and if we (child, parent, teacher) find the goal too easy or too challenging, we can adjust the minutes-per-week accordingly.  This new Home Reading Challenge will begin on Monday, April 8th and your child will receive a sticky with their minutes-per-week goal on it.


This term, we will be exploring the states of matter.  If you are able, we are collecting flyers, newspapers or magazines (appropriate please!) that students can cut out for an activity starting on Wednesday, April 10.


Upcoming Dates:

April 8-12- iCare

April 9- Urban Animal Safari (in-house workshop)

April 12- Buddy fieldtrip to Middle Campus.  Please fill out consent form on MSM

April 15- Field Trip to Little Campbell Hatchery.  Please fill out consent form on MSM

April 17- Musical Matinee @ 1:30pm

April 18- Musical evening performance @ 7pm

April 19- Good Friday, no school

April 22- Easter Monday, no school

April 24- Grandparents/Grandfriends day

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