Week of April 29

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week- Vanessa

Bible- We are starting our unit on the early church in Acts.  This week we will focus on how the Holy Spirit gave power for the spreading of the gospel and how the church grew despite severe opposition.

Language Arts

Spelling- Spelling will commence this week.

Writing- We have just starting our story writing unit and will continue to plan the beginning, middle and ending of our story this week.

Math- Students will continue to explore a variety of two-digit subtraction strategies this week.

Science- Students have been learning about physical and chemical changes.  We will continue to learn about chemical changes by participating in a variety of experiments that explore chemical changes.

Art- Students have been working on a Matisse inspired spring art piece.

Upcoming Dates

April 29- 2 CH will be doing a makeup chapel on Monday morning.

April 29- Our school councillor, Emily Wong, will be doing a puppet show presentation on emotions for the grade 2 students.

May 3- No Chapel

May 6- Class and Panorama Photos

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance at the Gateway Theatre.  Tickets are $18.50.  Get your tickets now!!!




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