Week of May 21

Library is Wednesday, May 22nd

The week ahead

Bible- We will start our unit on The Christian Life in James. Our Bible memory test will be on Friday, May 24th.

Language Arts-

Writing: Students will finish up their story edits for their first draft and will begin their good copies this week.

Poetry: We will begin our unit on poetry.

Reading: Students will be introduced to the reading strategy of inferencing to help support comprehension as they read. Students will continue to conference with a teacher to review a variety of comprehension and accuracy strategies.


Addition and Subtraction: Students will be introduced to word problems this week. They will practice applying addition and subtraction strategies to solve a variety of problems.

Measurement: Students will continue to practice using non standard units of measurement to measure objects. Students will learn to use a ruler to measure objects at the end of the week.


We will continue our unit on forces this week.

Healthy Living-

Over the next few weeks, we will explore healthy choices that support our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Upcoming Dates

Friday, May 24- Family Group

Friday, May 31- NO CHAPEL. RCS carnival at the Secondary Campus starting at 2:30 pm.  Early dismissal from the Elementary Campus @ 2 pm.

June 7- Sports Day.  Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm

June 11- Buddy Field Trip to Deas Island.

June 19- Last day of classes.  Dismissal at 12:30 pm


Week of May 13

Upcoming Week

No Star of the Week- We have wrapped up with our Star of the Week sharing.  However, we will continue on our Star Notes by sending encouraging notes to various staff members each week.  It has been such a joy reading your child’s kind and thoughtful words.

Students with Summer Birthdays- Students who have summer birthdays will be celebrated in May and June.  I have posted a calendar with your child’s name on it and posted it by the student mailboxes.

Bible-  We will continue to learn about the early Church in Acts.

Bible Memory- Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to recite our memory verse last week.  We will give the students an opportunity to recite their verse on Monday.

Spelling- Students will get a new spelling sort this week.

Writing- Students will wrap up their story writing this week and we will focus on the editing process.

Reading- We will begin a unit on inference.

Math- We will finish practicing the subtraction strategy of addition for subtraction.  We will begin our unit on measurement this week.

Science- We will begin a unit on forces this week.

Upcoming Dates

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance

May 20- Victoria, No School

May 21- No professional development. Error in agenda.

June 11- Buddy Year End Party @ Deas Island from 11 am to 2 pm




Week of May 6

Looking Ahead

Bible- We are continuing our unit on the early church in Acts.

Bible memory- The Bible memory test will be this Friday.

Language Arts-

Spelling- Spelling continues this week.

Writing- We will continue our story writing unit.  Students will be focusing in on the middle portion of their story where they introduce the problem in the story.

Reading- We will review the practice of picking good fit books as well as the strategies we can use to comprehend what we read.


We will introduce the two-digit subtraction strategy of counting back by ten this week.


We will review and wrap up our unit on Physical and Chemical changes.

Upcoming Dates

May 6- Class and Panorama Photos

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance at the Gateway Theatre. Tickets are $18.50. Get your tickets now.

May 20- Victoria Day, no school

May 21- NO Professional Development Day.  School commences as usual

June 11- Buddy Year End Party @ Deas Island 11am-2pm