Week of May 27th

The Week Ahead

Library- Monday will be our last Library day.  Thursday, May 30 will be the last day for after school Library and AR.  All Library books are DUE back on JUNE 6th.

AR- Tuesday, May 29th will be our last in-class AR session.  May 30th is the last day for after school AR.

Bible Memory– Students weren’t quite ready to recite their memory verse.  As such, students will practice on Monday and Tuesday.  Their test will be on WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th. The new memory verse will be handed out on Wednesday.

Bible- We will continue with our unit on James.

Language Arts-

Writing- Students will be writing an imaginative piece based on the book, “Doors in the Air”.

Reading- We will continue to explore the reading strategy of inference.

Poetry- We will continue to explore the world of poetry by investigating what poets write about and we will attempt to write a group poem about a shared topic.


Word Problems- students will continue to practice using their addition and subtraction strategies to solve word problems.

Measurement- students will continue to explore standard and non-standard units of measurement to measure height and length.

Science- We will continue our unit on Force and Motion this week.

Healthy Living- We will continue to explore the topic of social emotional health this week.


Upcoming Dates

May 31- Early Dismissal @ 2 pm.  RCS Carnival starts at 2:30 pm at the Secondary Campus.

June 7– Sports Day and early dismissal @ 12:30 pm.  Please ask your child which team colour they are on.

June 11- Buddy Field Trip to Deas Island. Students in grade 2 are asked to bring a savoury snack to share with everyone.  A sign up list will be sent out.



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