The Week Ahead: January 13, 2020

Library is on Monday, as normal this week 

Star of the Week – Hailey  

School Counsellor Visit- On Monday, January 13, at 2:15 our school counsellor will do a short puppet presentation about self-regulation.  

Our Learning Journey 

Bible Memory: A messenger is calling out, “In the desert prepare the way for the Lord. Make a straight road through it for our God.” Isaiah 40: 3 (NIRV) Due Jan 17


In Bible we have begun learning about Jesus’ early ministry. So far we have learned about the importance of John the Baptist and his job of preparing the way for Jesus. We have discussed how our Bible verse this week is connected to John. This week we also learned about Jesus’ baptism and the Holy Trinity and have talked about how we are urged to follow his example. 


Word Work:  Word Work Show What You Know (SWYK) will be on Tuesday.  A new list will be administered on Wednesday. 


This past week, we have been reviewing comprehension and accuracy reading strategies we learned in term one. One example of a comprehension strategy is, Check for Understanding. This strategy teaches students to frequently stop and monitor whether they understand what they are reading. This is typically a quick summer of what they’ve read, starting with, “who” and “what”. One example of an accuracy strategy is, Cross Checking. This strategy teaches students to ensure that words make sense and match the letters on the page. 

Please encourage your child to practice these (and other reading strategies) while they do 10-15 minutes of daily Home Reading. 


We are continuing to focus on the 5Ws (who, what, where, when and why) in our writing tasks. The students worked on orally telling a partner about their Christmas holiday. Then they were expected to write about their holiday with the focus of the 5Ws and adding details to support their main idea.  

Math: Over the last few weeks, students have been learning to order numbers (1st , 2nd , 3rd) and represent numbers in a variety of ways. A few ways to represent numbers include tally marks, base ten blocks, coins, ten and five frames, and number expressions.  

Social Studies: Students have been learning how to use non-fiction texts to learn about Canadian regions over the last few weeks. Some examples of regions include mountain, forest, prairie and tundra. This past week, they were introduced to mapping skills and will use their skills to map familiar places. 

Important Dates: 

Jan 6 – First day of school after Christmas Break 

Jan 10 – Family Groups, Pyjama Day 

Jan 13 – School Counsellor presentation, Term 2 Clubs start 

Jan 20– Dance Week 

Jan 31 – Teacher Professional Day (No School) 

Feb 17 – Family Day (No School) 

Feb 27 – Student-led Conference 

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