Week of February 10th

The Week Ahead: February 10th, 2020  

Library is on Monday, as normal this week  

Word Work – Our regular word sort Show What You Know (SWYK) will be on Tuesday.   

Bible Memory – He healed all who were sick. This happened so that what Isaiah the prophet had said would come true. He had said, “He suffered the things we should have suffered. He took on himself the sicknesses that should have been ours.” – Matthew 8:16b-17 Due February 14 

Star of the Week – Gabriel  

Red and Pink Day and Valentine’s Day 

February 14th will be Red and Pink day. Let’s celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day.  Dress-up in as much red, white and pink (hats, hair bows, bowties, shirts, pants, dresses, socks and shoes) as possible. Be creative! Students will be given the opportunity to exchange valentines. Students are not required to participate. However, if they wish to bring in valentines or small nut-free treats, please include all students in 2H. A class list is below or can be obtained from Miss Hesmert or Mrs. Bjornson. Please limit the amount of candy you bring for the exchange. Thank you. 

Tammi  Amelie  Lucas  Evan  Charlene 
Joshua  Elijah  Liz  Bryan  Emma 
Olivia  Eason  Annabelle  Hailey  David 
Hannabella  Caleb  Gabriel  Elliot  Cloris 
Avalee  Cassie  Ivan  Rosie  Nathan 


Our Learning Journey  


We continue to learn about Jesus’ early ministry in Bible. The focus this week was on the start of Jesus’ miracles of healing a servant and calming a storm. We are learning that Jesus has power over sickness and nature. 



Last week we continued to practice reading strategies to help difficult words (stretch and re-read, flip the sound) as well as deepen understanding of a text (make connections with a text, ask questions while reading). Students practiced skills in a whole class format as well as in small groups led by a teacher. 


We are still focusing on punctuation and capitalization. This week we practiced this while writing a story. The students’ stories are so creative and fun to read. 



This past week, students practiced skip counting by 2s forward and backward. Students also practiced fixing errors in the skip counting by 2 pattern and we reviewed odd and even numbers. We finished off the week by reviewing skip counting by 2, 5, 10 forward and backward from non-standard starting points. 

Students were also introduced to a new unit on Estimation. An estimate is a good guess based on a strategy. We have learned the strategies: 

Sampling- pouring some out and counting, then taking a guess based on the number counted. 

layers/rows- counting the objects in one row and then counting up the rows to make an estimate. 

chunking/grouping- counting a small amount of the objects and the roughly grouping the objects and skip-counting to make a guess. 



Last week, students learned about water sources. Water sources are bodies of water where water is stored. On Friday, students were introduced to the water cycle. The water cycle is driven by the sun and includes evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.   

Important Dates: 

Feb 14- Red/Pink Day 

Feb 17 – Family Day (No School)  

Feb 27 – Student-led Conference 


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