Valentine’s Day!

Showing Love

2H has been learning about showing love to others, even those that we do not like to be around. Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount that we should love our enemies. Because Christ loved us so much to take our punishment on him, we should show love to others. Today we made a paper “Chain of Love” to decorate our classroom. Each student chose four people they are going to show love to this week by drawing and writing their names on the chain. Ask your child who they chose and what they plan to do. Try and hold them accountable. I look forward to hearing about it next week. – Miss Hesmert


Let’s celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. February 14th is Red / White / Pink dress up day. Dress-up in as much Red, White and Pink as possible. Hats, hair bows, bowties, shirts, pants, dresses, socks and shoes! Be a little crazy! Be a little fun & creative!

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