Week of May 27th

The Week Ahead

Library- Monday will be our last Library day.  Thursday, May 30 will be the last day for after school Library and AR.  All Library books are DUE back on JUNE 6th.

AR- Tuesday, May 29th will be our last in-class AR session.  May 30th is the last day for after school AR.

Bible Memory– Students weren’t quite ready to recite their memory verse.  As such, students will practice on Monday and Tuesday.  Their test will be on WEDNESDAY, MAY 29th. The new memory verse will be handed out on Wednesday.

Bible- We will continue with our unit on James.

Language Arts-

Writing- Students will be writing an imaginative piece based on the book, “Doors in the Air”.

Reading- We will continue to explore the reading strategy of inference.

Poetry- We will continue to explore the world of poetry by investigating what poets write about and we will attempt to write a group poem about a shared topic.


Word Problems- students will continue to practice using their addition and subtraction strategies to solve word problems.

Measurement- students will continue to explore standard and non-standard units of measurement to measure height and length.

Science- We will continue our unit on Force and Motion this week.

Healthy Living- We will continue to explore the topic of social emotional health this week.


Upcoming Dates

May 31- Early Dismissal @ 2 pm.  RCS Carnival starts at 2:30 pm at the Secondary Campus.

June 7– Sports Day and early dismissal @ 12:30 pm.  Please ask your child which team colour they are on.

June 11- Buddy Field Trip to Deas Island. Students in grade 2 are asked to bring a savoury snack to share with everyone.  A sign up list will be sent out.



Week of May 21

Library is Wednesday, May 22nd

The week ahead

Bible- We will start our unit on The Christian Life in James. Our Bible memory test will be on Friday, May 24th.

Language Arts-

Writing: Students will finish up their story edits for their first draft and will begin their good copies this week.

Poetry: We will begin our unit on poetry.

Reading: Students will be introduced to the reading strategy of inferencing to help support comprehension as they read. Students will continue to conference with a teacher to review a variety of comprehension and accuracy strategies.


Addition and Subtraction: Students will be introduced to word problems this week. They will practice applying addition and subtraction strategies to solve a variety of problems.

Measurement: Students will continue to practice using non standard units of measurement to measure objects. Students will learn to use a ruler to measure objects at the end of the week.


We will continue our unit on forces this week.

Healthy Living-

Over the next few weeks, we will explore healthy choices that support our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.


Upcoming Dates

Friday, May 24- Family Group

Friday, May 31- NO CHAPEL. RCS carnival at the Secondary Campus starting at 2:30 pm.  Early dismissal from the Elementary Campus @ 2 pm.

June 7- Sports Day.  Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm

June 11- Buddy Field Trip to Deas Island.

June 19- Last day of classes.  Dismissal at 12:30 pm


Week of May 13

Upcoming Week

No Star of the Week- We have wrapped up with our Star of the Week sharing.  However, we will continue on our Star Notes by sending encouraging notes to various staff members each week.  It has been such a joy reading your child’s kind and thoughtful words.

Students with Summer Birthdays- Students who have summer birthdays will be celebrated in May and June.  I have posted a calendar with your child’s name on it and posted it by the student mailboxes.

Bible-  We will continue to learn about the early Church in Acts.

Bible Memory- Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to recite our memory verse last week.  We will give the students an opportunity to recite their verse on Monday.

Spelling- Students will get a new spelling sort this week.

Writing- Students will wrap up their story writing this week and we will focus on the editing process.

Reading- We will begin a unit on inference.

Math- We will finish practicing the subtraction strategy of addition for subtraction.  We will begin our unit on measurement this week.

Science- We will begin a unit on forces this week.

Upcoming Dates

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance

May 20- Victoria, No School

May 21- No professional development. Error in agenda.

June 11- Buddy Year End Party @ Deas Island from 11 am to 2 pm




Week of May 6

Looking Ahead

Bible- We are continuing our unit on the early church in Acts.

Bible memory- The Bible memory test will be this Friday.

Language Arts-

Spelling- Spelling continues this week.

Writing- We will continue our story writing unit.  Students will be focusing in on the middle portion of their story where they introduce the problem in the story.

Reading- We will review the practice of picking good fit books as well as the strategies we can use to comprehend what we read.


We will introduce the two-digit subtraction strategy of counting back by ten this week.


We will review and wrap up our unit on Physical and Chemical changes.

Upcoming Dates

May 6- Class and Panorama Photos

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance at the Gateway Theatre. Tickets are $18.50. Get your tickets now.

May 20- Victoria Day, no school

May 21- NO Professional Development Day.  School commences as usual

June 11- Buddy Year End Party @ Deas Island 11am-2pm


Week of April 29

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week- Vanessa

Bible- We are starting our unit on the early church in Acts.  This week we will focus on how the Holy Spirit gave power for the spreading of the gospel and how the church grew despite severe opposition.

Language Arts

Spelling- Spelling will commence this week.

Writing- We have just starting our story writing unit and will continue to plan the beginning, middle and ending of our story this week.

Math- Students will continue to explore a variety of two-digit subtraction strategies this week.

Science- Students have been learning about physical and chemical changes.  We will continue to learn about chemical changes by participating in a variety of experiments that explore chemical changes.

Art- Students have been working on a Matisse inspired spring art piece.

Upcoming Dates

April 29- 2 CH will be doing a makeup chapel on Monday morning.

April 29- Our school councillor, Emily Wong, will be doing a puppet show presentation on emotions for the grade 2 students.

May 3- No Chapel

May 6- Class and Panorama Photos

May 16, 17, 18- Little Mermaid Performance at the Gateway Theatre.  Tickets are $18.50.  Get your tickets now!!!




Week of April 8

Looking Ahead

Student of the week– Shawn

iCare for the World– This week we will be focusing in on the word, sacrifice as we learn more about ICC, the work they do and what we can do to support them.  Your child has brought home an envelope with information and a pledge form.  Students have been challenged to think about ways they can sacrifice to support ICC.  Some ideas the students came up with  include sacrificing some of their own money or by sacrificing time by asking neighbours and family members for donations, or taking the time to raise their own money by collecting bottles or hosting a garage sale… Now some of these ideas may not be doable for your family.  But we encourage your child to try one thing that will allow them to sacrifice.

Donations- your child has come up with a fundraising goal.  They were challenged to think about a total they felt they could actually reach.  Students can collect cash or cheques and place them in their envelope.  If donors wish to donate via credit card, families are asked to create their own account by visiting www.chinaconcern.org/icarefortheworld.  Team 2HB has also been created online so while your own online donations will be recorded and kept up-to-date, you will also be contributing to our class totals.  Our 2HB class goal is $500.00, which means that each student is asked to raise just over $20!  I think we can double or even triple our class goal, don’t you?  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Donations are due back to the Office by April 15.

Math– Financial Literacy

Next week during Math, we will be exploring Financial Literacy through play.

Every day for the week, the students in 2HB will be given $1 in paper money. Students will also be given a bank account (a small-folder) with three pockets marked: tithe, save and spend. For the week, they will be expected to plan, save and spend their money by Friday.

Here is what they can spend their money on:

$1 – 5 mins. of extra recess time (up to 15 minutes extra)

They can use their money to spend on extra time everyday.

$3 – An art activity with Ms. Chan, Gymnastic lesson with Ms. Hesmert OR Rock climbing wall with Mrs. Bjornson (30mins).

This activity is only available on Friday and will be happening during class time.

$0-$5 – Tithe

Students can tithe up to $5.  The teacher will match their tithe with real money so they can offer their tithe to their church on Sunday or contribute to ICC. They will be given the money on Friday, April 12th.

Please begin discussing the importance and value of tithing, saving and spending with your child tonight. You may also want to share how your family manages money on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How does your family see money and its place for building God’s kingdom? We are positive your child will have many ideas to contribute. We also encourage you to discuss what your child plans to do with their money next week.

Thank you!


Home Reading will look a little different this term. In the previous terms, recording time has been optional.  This term, we ask that your child include their number of minutes read as part of their daily home reading. In addition, a number of minutes-per-week goal has been set for your child.  We based the goals on your child’s previous performance and so the goal should be easily attainable.  Let’s give it a few weeks and if we (child, parent, teacher) find the goal too easy or too challenging, we can adjust the minutes-per-week accordingly.  This new Home Reading Challenge will begin on Monday, April 8th and your child will receive a sticky with their minutes-per-week goal on it.


This term, we will be exploring the states of matter.  If you are able, we are collecting flyers, newspapers or magazines (appropriate please!) that students can cut out for an activity starting on Wednesday, April 10.


Upcoming Dates:

April 8-12- iCare

April 9- Urban Animal Safari (in-house workshop)

April 12- Buddy fieldtrip to Middle Campus.  Please fill out consent form on MSM

April 15- Field Trip to Little Campbell Hatchery.  Please fill out consent form on MSM

April 17- Musical Matinee @ 1:30pm

April 18- Musical evening performance @ 7pm

April 19- Good Friday, no school

April 22- Easter Monday, no school

April 24- Grandparents/Grandfriends day

Week of March 4

It was so lovely to watch your child present their learning with you during Student-Led Conferences.  We hope that this time was both informative and celebratory as you spent time together.

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week- Moses

Bible- Please check your child’s planner for the new bible memory verse

Language Arts

Reading- We will continue with learning about non-fiction text features as we do our animal research for our science unit.  Students will also practice the comprehension reading strategy of asking questions as they read fiction and non-fiction texts.

Writing- Students will be working on another writing activity this week that reviews some of the writing traits they have learned this term.

Math- We will wrap up our unit on Estimation.  Students will continue to learn about and practice different mental math strategies including counting on, counting back, using doubles/doubles +1 and +2, making ten, and drawing pictures.

Science- Students will be learning about animal adaptations and how God has designed each animal to survive in certain environments.

Upcoming Dates

On Friday, March 8th our chapel theme will be “Incredible Companion” so bring your special friend who has been with you through thick and thin, also known as your favourite stuffy! We will have our annual stuffy toss at the end of chapel.

March 15- Last day of classes before Spring Break



Week of February 25

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week– Merak

Bible- this week students will be preparing to share their learning for their student-led conference on February 27.

Bible Memory Test- the test will be on Friday, March 1st.

Language Arts

Spelling- spelling resumes this week.  The test will be this Friday, March 1st.

Reading- Students will continue to practice the reading strategy of asking questions to deepen their understanding of a text.

Writing- Students will be preparing to share their writing pieces for student-led conferences on February 27.

Math- Students will be preparing to share their learning about estimation  for their student-led conference on February 27.  Students will learn about and practice various addition and subtraction strategies.

Science- Students will continue their unit on animal life cycles by studying the Salmon Fry and comparing them to their animal of study.

Upcoming Dates-

Wednesday, February 27th- Student-Led Conferences, no school.


Week of February 19

Please note that due to a shorter week, there will be NO SPELLING for this week.

Urban Animal Safari In-House workshop was canceled due to our snow day last Tuesday.  We will reschedule them at a later date TBD.

Looking Ahead

Bible Memory: Students will receive their new memory verse on Tuesday.  Please check their agenda for the new memory verse.  Test on March 1.


Our home reading challenge is in full swing!  The students earned over 100 “books” for our door.  We are hoping to earn 219 “books” for February!

We will continue to explore various reading strategies that help us become more powerful readers.

Writing: We are continuing on the writing trait of organization and the interesting ways we can start our story.

Math: We will continue to learn different strategies to help us estimate and continue with our adding and subtracting unit by playing place value games.

Science: Home water conservation projects have begun! We hope that your child is encouraging the family save water by following their water conservation plan.

Animal research projects will begin!

Upcoming Dates:

Home water conservation plan: February 15-21


Wednesday, February 27- Student-Led conferences.  No school on this day.  Please follow the email prompts sent my Mrs. Teodoro to sign up for a conference time.

Week of February 4

Looking Ahead

Star of the Week- Maddox

This week is DANCE WEEK!  Instead of having French, P.E. and Music, students will participate in dance for 30-45 minutes each day.  This means that our shape of the week will look different than usual…

Bible- We will continue to understand what Jesus was teaching on the Sermon on the Mount.

Bible Memory- We will begin a new memory verse for the next two weeks.  The new verse will be glued into your child’s agenda on Monday.

Language Arts:

Writing/Science- Students will continue with their creative stories on a journey of a drop of water.  In this written piece, the students will imagine they are a drop of water and write of a story of themselves traveling through the various stages of the water cycle.

Reading- we will continue to learn about and practice various reading strategies that help us deepen our comprehension of a text as well as skills to improve accuracy.

Math- Students will continue learning about estimation in math and practice various strategies.  Students will also begin a new math unit on addition and subtraction strategies.

Science- What is water conservation and why is it important? Introduction to a water conservation home project.

Art- This week we will be inspired by the artist, Andy Warhol.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, February 7th- Library (Due to Dance Week, Library has been switch)

Thursday, February 14th- Valentines Day.  Students do NOT need to participate, but if they wish to make valentines cards, please note that they must make one for everyone in the class.  Please pick up a class list if you would like to make cards.