Star of the Week

2HB Stars of the Week

Week Star of the Week Week Star of the Week
Sept 17 Amelia Jan 21 John-Malcolm
Sept 24 Brayden Jan 28 Lucas
Oct 9 Carter Feb 4 Maddox
Oct 15 Chloe Feb 11 Markus
Oct 22 Ellen Feb 19 Mattias
Oct 29 Emily Feb 25 Merak
Nov 5 Ethan Mar 4 Moses
Nov 13 Hayes Mar 11 Sarah
Nov 19 Ilys Apr 8 Shawn
Nov 26 Isaac Apr 15 Stephanie
Dec 3 Jason Apr 23 Vanessa
Dec 10 Jaycee
Jan 14 Jenny

Monday- Share about your family

Bring a photo (or photos), a photo book (with no more than 5 marked pages) or a short power point presentation

Tuesday- Can you guess?  Show and Tell

Students are encouraged to share something special to them with their classmates.  Students will keep their show and tell object hidden and students will ask questions to discover what the special object is

Wednesday- Share a favourite Bible verse or Bible story

Tell us why you love it!

Thursday- Share a favourite book

Read your favourite part to the class (1-2 pages) and share why you enjoy this book or book series

Friday- Star Note

Other students will share kind things about the Star of the Week


If it is a short week, the Star of the Week will share two items in one day.