Financial Literacy


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Dear Parents,

During Math this week, we will be exploring Financial Literacy through play.

Every day for the week, the students in 2CH will be given $1. Students will also be given a bank account (a small-folder) with three pockets marked: tithe, save and spend. For the week, they will be expected to plan, save and spend their money by Friday.


Here is what they can spend their money on:

$1 – 5 mins. of extra recess time (up to 15 minutes extra)

They can use their money to spend on extra time everyday.


$3 – An art activity with Ms. Chan, Gymnastic lesson with Ms. Hesmert OR Rock climbing wall with Mrs. Bjornson (30mins)

This activity is only available on Friday and will be happening during class time.


$0-$5 – Tithe

Students can tithe up to $5.  The teacher will match their tithe with real money so they can offer their tithe to their church on Sunday or contribute to ICC. They will be given the money on Friday, April 12th.


Please begin discussing the importance and value of tithing, saving and spending with your child tonight. You may also want to share how your family manages money on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. What are your short-term and long-term goals? How does your family see money and its place for building God’s kingdom? I am positive your child will have many ideas to contribute. We also encourage you to discuss what your child plans to do with their money next week.

Thank you!

Ms. Chan

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