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Dear Parents,

In the coming weeks the Grade 2 students will be doing a unit on Oral Storytelling. We will begin by talking about what our names mean. We will use this information to practice our oral storytelling skills. The students have been asked to find out what their names mean. Please help your child by discussing and answering these questions on the PINK sheet that will come home on today.  

Who named you?

What does your name mean?

Why did you get this name?

Is there a special story about your name?

How many names do you have? What are they?

Do you have a name in a different language? What it is?

What is your family’s cultural background?

Do you have any nicknames? How did you get them?

This would be a great time to tell your child the story behind their names (i.e. family name, biblical references, cultural origins, etc.) and how you picked their names for them.

 Your child will be presenting their findings after Monday, October 21. 
Please help your child complete the information sheet they brought home and return it to school by Monday, October 21st, 2019.

Here is the story behind my name: Betty

I was named by my grandmother.  When I was born, she thought it would be great to name me after the Queen of England.  But as a baby, I was really small  and the name Elizabeth was too long and too big for a small baby.  So my parents decided to choose a pet version of the name Elizabeth.  They had a choice  between Patty, Betsy and Betty.  I am so glad they chose Betty because Patty reminds me of hamburger patties and the name Betsy is sometimes used for cows!

Elizabeth is a hebrew name and it means: God is satisfaction or God is abundant.

Thank you for your help with your child’s learning.

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