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Hello Parents,

Today at lunch, I played a 5 minute clip of Peter meeting Jesus from the series “The Chosen.”  We had a good discussion about the scene and the students expressed interest in watching more of the episodes.

I mentioned that the series is available on an app and the first episode is free on YouTube.

I am personally excited about this series because of the way it is produced, the creative interpretation of the gospel (and its adherence to the truth in the Bible) and how the director has chosen to portray Jesus.

HOWEVER, the first free episode on YouTube opens by introducing the characters Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene.  Mary Magdalene is shown to have many evil spirits in her.  This will be frightening for children.  We have learned about evil spirits in studying Jesus’ early ministry but most students do not have a clear idea of what this means.

I have looked up common sense media and it has not been rated yet.

I just want you to be aware of the content in the first episode of the show.  There are other short clips from the series available on YouTube that are safe for your child.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the show or what we have been studying in Bible.


Ms. Chan


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