Week of April 8


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Please help your child prepare their library bags for Monday.

Bible Memory

By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped. Ecc 4:12 Due: Friday, April 12.


A new sort will come home this week. Test on Friday, April 12.

Chapel Practice – At lunch

Since we have postponed our chapel performance to the end of the month, it has been difficult to use the gym to practice as other classes, who have their chapels in the coming weeks, also need to use the gym and they get priority. So, I plan to take a few lunch periods and keep the children in to rehearse in the gym.  They will still have their lunch and after the rehearsal, I will make sure they have some time outside to play and get fresh air. I am hoping to practice 3 times in the gym before our performance. Dates TBA.  Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any comments or questions about this, please feel free to email me.


Monday, April 8 – In class field trip: Urban Safari

Friday, April 12 – Big Buddies field trip to the middle school

Monday, April 15 – Little Campbell Salmon Hatchery – Volunteers are welcomed.  Please email Ms. Chan.

Wed/Thurs, April 17, 18 – Spring Musical

Friday, April 19 – 22 – Easter Holiday – NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, April 24 – Grandparent/Grandfriend Day!

Friday, April 29 – Chapel Performance

Volunteer Sign Up, Reading Goals and Big Buddies


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Hi Parent,

  1. The calendar sign up for parent-student reading is on the bulletin board outside the class. Please sign up if you would like to volunteer. We look forward to reading with you!  Thank you for your support.
  2. Students will be making new reading goals for Term 3 this week.  A sticker will be place at the back of their agenda telling you how many minutes they should read daily.
  3. Also, we have a big buddies event this Friday, April 12 at the middle school.  Unfortunately, we will not need parent volunteers. We will be there between recess and lunch.  An permission form will be sent to you. Please approve.

Thank you!

Ms. Chan

Week of April 1


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Welcome back, everyone! I hope you had a great time over the Spring Break!


Please remember to help your child pack their library bag for Monday.


By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped. Ecclesiastes 4:12 (msg)


New sorts will come home on Monday.


Please assist your child to read everyday. Since we are in Term 3, the minimum amount of time is 15 minutes daily.  Thank you for you support!

Up and Coming:

Monday, April 8: In-class field trip – Urban Safari

Monday, April 8 – Alicia is the Star of the Week

Monday, April 15: Little Campbell Salmon Hatchery (Permission Forms to come out on Tuesday, April 2)

Wed-Thurs, April 17-18: Musical

Friday, April 19 – Good Friday – NO SCHOOL

Monday, April 22 – Easter Monday – NO SCHOOL

Have a Wonderful Spring Break!


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It’s Spring Break!

God bless you as you and your family get to spend time to rest and relax with one another.  For those who are traveling, we pray for smoothness of your plans and safety where-ever you may go. For those who are staying in town, we pray for great weather and lots of quality time with family, friends and time exploring our beautiful city.

Before 2CH left for the day, we had a surprise visitor! A police officer came into class during art and the students were so excited, they peppered him with attention and a lot of questions.  He was so gracious and approachable…look how close the students got! He was an instant celebrity.  At the end, they all asked for an autograph!

Thank you for all your well wishes.  I am feeling a lot better.  Have a  lovely break. See you in April.

Math Crates


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The students have spent a few weeks working on their science research animals. As an extension to their unit and to integrate with Math, they were asked to design a crate, with a partner, to transport their animals.

This is the first year I have done a project like this and I learned a lot!  So many times, we teach students how to do math on paper or to memorize facts, but in real life, they don’t know how to use the very skill they were taught. Using mental math strategies is a learning outcome in Grade 2. However, in order to experience the “purposefulness” of this skill, students needed to be immersed in a situation where knowing how to skip count, deconstruct numbers and add/subtract accurately have meaningful outcomes.  So, the primary goal of the project is to provide an opportunity for students to use mental math in a meaningful, useful way. The best take-away I got from this project was that  students got to learn and use a whole plethora of other competencies and skills while they were applying their math knowledge.  They just didn’t know it.

The students worked hard at communicating, planning and problem solving their way through the project. I have to say, I am impressed by the way they conducted themselves as partners and also as learners.  EVERY CHILD in the class was dedicated to designing and building their crate.  I did not have to deal with any issues of conflict because they set aside their differences to compromise on either an idea, design or way of doing things. The students were simply engrossed in their creations and they learned to explain their thinking in a clear, understandable, and dare I say, acceptable way. I am positive your child has the ability to negotiate with you.  Some of them will probably grow up to be lawyers! They are that good! And they used this very fine-tuned skill to articulate their point of view and support it with their own facts and reasons. I heard encouraging words, I heard words of agreement. I heard disagreement. I also heard words of compromise.  But most important of all, I heard words of dialogue.  The children were talking to each other and figuring things out.

The Math they used became so integrated with their planning and creation, it really did not feel like Math at the end.  We would engage with numbers verbally, mentally and, sometimes, we wrote things down, and solutions were discovered. Every one look forward to Math Project day. Motivation to get started and to stay on task was exceptional. I could be in a corner working with one student and the entire class would continue buzzing, totally focused on the task at hand.

Brandon and Kaleb’s chimpanzee crate. You should look inside! Glass ceiling (transparent plastic) and floors and banana and palm tree decorations.

I am very happy with the student learning and their involvement in the project. They are so creative and I am really proud of their design and effort.  The only help the students got was they needed to cut the popsicle sticks or when they needed to use the glue gun.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Josiah and Chantelle’s sloth crate. If you look carefully inside the crate, they designed it with a ledge so the sloth can have a place for what looks like it’s personal items.

They named their sloth “Samantha”.

Tomori and Vania’s cheetah crate. They started out using tape to save money (tape was free), then decided it was better to glue the sticks together. Glue cost $1 a day to use. They spent 3 days gluing everything together.

Tomori and Vania’s cheetah.

Alicia, Vivian and Isabella’s owl crate. They included a mommy owl with an egg. It costs more money to buy different colour plasticine but I think they made a good fiscal choice to build a family.

Alioth and Joshua’s lynx crate. Initially, Alioth thought he would save money by building a crate out of plasticine. But it turns out you can’t lift a plastine crate so he changed back to using sticks.

Marcellus laughed when I told him a joke. But I could not capture it fast enough. Here he is with his partner Chloe. They built a panda crate. The panda also had a new born baby with it. It’s really small, cute and completely pink…just like real life!

Isaac and Shawn’s jaguar crate. Did you know a jaguar and panther are the same animal? It just has different names? They made sure to include grass inside the crate so the jaguar could rest comfortably during transport.

Isaac and Shawn’s jaguar.

Isaias and Nathan’s snake crate. Their final product looks a lot different than their initial plan. But it turned out really great. I think that snake was built a transportation device that can double as an exhibit or home. How versatile!

Look at that big glass window!

Cameron and Kyle’s cheetah crate was built with a lot precision and care. The details extended in the crafting of the cheetah itself. Notice the black spots. Each one was painstakingly rolled out and pushed onto the cat.

Jadon and Alexander’s penguin crate. They included snow, ice and water inside the crate to keep their penguin comfortable during transport. I appreciate the glass window they included so we can see inside. 



Chapel Performance Postponed


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Dear Parents,

Due to my illness, our class will not have enough time this week to practice for our performance on Friday.

Fortunately, we are rescheduled after the spring break on Monday, April 29.

This is a blessing in disguise as the new schedule would allow all the students to participate.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or your family. The children have worked so hard on this and I know they are looking forward to their performance. We will continue fine-tuning our chapel performance after the break. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.



Ms. Chan


Week of March 11


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Please help your child pack their library bags for Monday.


Spelling will resume this week.  We will be testing the words on Friday, March 15.


If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all. Romans 8:31b-32a. Due: Friday, March 15.

Chapel Props:

If you can help your child prepare the following, we will use it for our chapel on Friday.  Please bring it to school on Monday, so they can have something to practice with during the week.

1.) Pillow case

2.) A stuffy to fit into the pillow case

They will haul the bag over their shoulders to show they are wandering around looking for food.  (Scene 1: Ruth and Naomi)

Chapel Practice:

We will be practicing for our performance in the large gym from 8:30 – 9:10 on Monday-Thursday.  Please arrive to school on time. Students who are late can put their things away in the classroom before joining the class in the large gym. Unfortunately, parents are not invited to the practice as it may be distracting to the students. Thank you for your understanding. We have been working really hard on our chapel and would love your continued support through prayers!


Friday, March 15 – Last day before spring break/Chapel Performance/Report cards published

Monday, April 1 – First day back to school


Week of March 5


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Please help your child bring their library bags to school on Monday

No Spelling

To make more time for our chapel preparation, we will not be doing spelling this week.

Bible Memory

If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all. Romans 8:31b-32a Due: March 15


Please help your child prepare for our chapel presentation by listening to him/her read LOUDLY, CLEARLY and SLOWLY. Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to attend our chapel presentation.  Thank you for your continued prayers for everyone in our class!



Friday, March 8 – End of Term 2

Friday, March 15 – Report Cards Published /2CH CHAPEL PRESENTATION / last day before Spring Break

Monday, April 1 – School Starts



Week of February 25


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Back to business on Monday.  Please expect spelling sheets to come home this week.


Help your child prepare for library on Monday by ensuring they have a library bag in their backpack on Sunday night.

Bible Memory Verse:

Jesus went all over Galilee. There he taught in the synagogues. He preached the good news of God’s kingdom. He healed every illness and sickness the people had. Matthew 4:23

Due: March 1


Please help your child practice their reading parts everyday. 5 -10 minutes of practice is sufficient.  The focus of their reading should be: Well-paced, loud and clear.

If your child is a NARRATOR, they need to learn how to look up from the paper as they are reading. There is no need to memorize, but eye contact is important as they will be addressing a live audience and people want to see our student’s faces as they share information.   Thank you for your support!


If you and your family are going away before Friday, March 15, please inform me by Monday.  I need to recast roles and speaking parts for our play.  THANK YOU!!!


Monday, February 18 – Family Day – NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, February 27 – Student-led conferences

Friday, March 15 – CHAPEL

Look at this!


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Thank you, Vener! (Marcellus’ Daddy)

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