Star of the Week

 2CH Stars of the Week



Week Star of the Week Week Star of the Week
Sept 17 Isaias Jan 21 Brandon
Sept 24 Joshua Jan 28 Vivian
Oct 9 Shawn Feb 4 Cameron
Oct 15 Vania Feb 11 Marcellus
Oct 22 Kyle Feb 19 Chantelle
Oct 29 Alioth Feb 25 Josiah
Nov 5 Olivia Leung Mar 4 Kaleb
Nov 13 Olivia Li Mar 11 Nathan
Nov 19 Samantha Apr 8 Alicia
Nov 26 Alexander Apr 15 Jayden
Dec 3 Tomori Apr 23 Isabella
Dec 10 Chloe Apr 29 Kaylee
Jan 14 Isaac



Share about your family. Bring photos or Powerpoint presentation.



Show and Tell



Share a favourite Bible verse or Bible story. Tell us why you love it!



Share a favourite book and read your favourite part to the class (1-2 pages)



Other students will share kind things about the Star of the Week

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