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Reminder: Home Reading Cube Due Tuesday


Our second home reading assignment is due this Tuesday, February 5.  

Students are asked to read a chapter book that they have not read before. Using the instructions as a guide, fill out each section of the cube according to the specific instructions. READ CAREFULLY. Use the paper copy as your draft and the cardboard copy as your “GOOD COPY”. When you have finished, cut it out and make it into a cube. If you need help, bring it in to Mrs. Hesmert to help you. Your printing should be NEAT and the picture coloured. 

Students should be reading a minimum of 15 minutes daily. Remind students to record their daily reading in their reading log. It should only record on one line for one day even if they read more than one book. Completing a page should take about 3 weeks.

Most students have now completed 5-7  pages. 

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