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There are many factors in how classes are created, including gender, academic, behavioural and social needs. The Grade Three teachers collaborate together to create the class lists for next year. To assist us in this process, we are asking each Grade Three student to complete a Sociogram in class, sometimes this week. The Sociogram will give us a better understanding of who your child gets along well with.

These are the questions your child will be asked:

  1. Write the names of your 3 closest friends who you would trust to look after your special things.
  2. Write the names of 3 friends you would invite to your house for a birthday party or sleepover.
  3. Write the names of 3 people you would ask to work with on a group project.
  4. (Optional). Write the names of 3 people you find it difficult to play with or get along with.

If you have questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

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