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I have decided we will suspend spelling activities until after Spring Break. We have a lot of projects to complete before Spring Break and we only have 3 weeks left

 Students are grouped according to their abilities but ALL SPELLING ACTIVITIES ARE THE SAME.


This is our spelling program called Words Their Way.  Students have been divided into groups according to their spelling ability.

This will be our regular routine. 

On Monday in class, students will be given their list of words with its spelling rule. They will sort their words in class and then write out their words. During the week, they will practice different sorts to help them learn their spelling rule.  If you would like an answer key for your child’s spelling rule sort, please ask your child to bring one home.

At home:

Monday – students should practice their sort according to the rule or feature they are learning

Tuesday – they should practice a blind sort. Someone should read a word to them off the list and the student should point to the column where the word belongs. If this is correct, they can place the word in that column.

Wednesday – They should do a “word hunt”. They should look in their books, in magazines and in newspapers at home to find NEW words (not already on their list), that fit their spelling rule. They should try to find a MINIMUM of 2-3 new words but should record more as they find them.                                                            (Continued….)-

Thursday – They should do a “writing” sort where someone reads the words to them and they sort them in the correct columns by writing the word.

During the week, they can complete the sentences and other activities found in their spelling package.

Spelling will be due in class on Thursday and there will be a spelling test of 12 words and transfer words which are new words with the same feature on Friday. Please encourage your child to practice a sort daily as sorting is a crucial activity to learning the spelling feature and transferring it to new words with the same feature.


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