Revised EXPLORER Project Time Line


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Dear Students & Parents,

Due to our recent busy schedule (Dance Week + Robots + Student-led Conferences + Olympics) and a tidal wave of winter viruses, it is important to slow down a bit and take time to catch our breath.  Therefore, our Social Studies Explorer Project Time Line has been revised.  Hopefully these due date adjustments are helpful.

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New Dates:

Wednesday, February 28

1st edited, revised, typed explorer journal is due.

PowerPoint should be finished & ready to “workshop” with the teacher.

Friday, March 2

2nd edited, revised, typed explorer journal is due (you may do the 3rd for bonus credit)

PowerPoint “workshops” with the teacher will continue.

Monday, March 5

Students whose PowerPoints have already been “workshopped” with the teacher will make their Explorer Presentations.

PowerPoint “workshops” with the teacher will wrap up.

Wednesday, March 7

Explorer Presentations will continue.

Friday, March 9

Explorer Presentations will wrap up.


Students, please bring your USB FLASH DRIVE each day, so that we can work efficiently on your writing and your slideshows.  Thanks!

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Library Closed After School – Friday, March 2


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Please note:

The library will be closed this Friday, March 2 after school.

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Friday 23rd – CANADA Olympic Spirit Day!


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The 2018 Winter Olympics will be wrapping up this weekend.

So, let’s show a final burst of support for our athletes and love for our country by dressing up tomorrow, Friday, February 23.

Wear your RED & WHITE colours with pizzazz and enthusiasm!

Bring your maple leaf gear: flags, mittens, scarves, shirts, signs, pants, hats, socks!


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Ruler Supreme, Who hearest humble prayer, hold our dominion in Thy loving care. 



Hip Hop DANCE WEEK – Feb 19 to 23


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On Monday, DANCE WEEK begins as part of our mandated BC Curriculum (PE and Fine Arts programs).

Students, please wear comfortable, appropriate shoes and clothing each day, February 19 to 23.

Have fun!

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Robot Project Time Line


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Project – Robot Homework Helper


Friday, February 16 – 3rd & final ROBOT work period in class (have you met all the criteria?)

Monday, February 19 – we will review ROBOT ORAL PRESENTATION expectations

Thursday, February 22 – ROBOTS are due. We will display in the hallway.  

Friday, February 23 – Robot ORAL PRESENTATIONS begin.

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Red, White, Pink Day! Feb 14


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Tomorrow is Friendship Day at RCS Elementary.

Wear RED, PINK, & WHITE to show your school spirit!

Valentine’s treats are welcome.  Just remember that we include everyone in 4S .

Let’s celebrate being friends with Christ & each other!

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Math “Vitamins”


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Dear Parents,

Daily math practice is like taking “vitamins” for our brains!

Today I am sending home 2 permission forms for your review. Please sign, date, and return them as soon as possible if you willing for your child to participate in these 2 online learning opportunities.

Some of our students are very interested in extra math challenges, as well as extra practice (with instant feedback) to master the concepts we learn in class.

Still other students would like a fun way to practice basic math facts, because they know that mastery of basic facts leads to greater success with complicated operations, such as long multiplication and long division.

Therefore, with parent permission, I hope to introduce two highly acclaimed online math resources to our students next week. Once our class accounts are set up, these resources may be used at school and at home.  The programs will not be assigned as homework. They are simply another “tool” in our math toolkit for maximizing each child’s learning.  Accounts are set up under the teacher’s name and email address. Only your child’s first name will be used–no other private information.  Here are the programs:

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Khan Academy offers highly engaging practice & challenge exercises.  This is for students who finish their regular work and are eager for a special challenge.

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XtraMath is an online program that helps students master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.


Thank you for considering this request.

Miss Semke


Explorer Journal Entries


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Dear Parents & Students:

As part of our study of the Early Explorers of Canada, each student has selected one explorer to research, using resources provided in class.

Each child will “bring history to life” by combining historical facts with their own imagination to write 3 “journal entries” from the explorer’s perspective.  We have already started this writing project (see samples above). The first draft journal entry is due tomorrow, February 8.

Draft Requirements:

  • each journal entry is one page, double-spaced (i.e. 3 journal entries = 3 pages)
  • each page reports/reflects on one day in the explorer’s life
  • skillfully weave together true facts from the explorer’s life & historical period
  • sample topics include:  life on a long voyage, a day in a birchbark canoe, an encounter with First Nations, mutiny, surviving Arctic conditions, discoveries, etc.
  • paragraph organization: introduction + supporting details + conclusion
  • 1st person perspective (“I” and “we”)
  • neat, easy-to-read printing
  • accurate spelling, capitalization, punctuation

We will then put our drafts through the process of self, peer, and teacher editing before publishing our final results.

Let the research & writing adventure begin!

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