Online “Tapestry Walk” Permission Forms…


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Dear Parents,

Thank you for taking a few moments to give online approval for the “Tapestry Walk” field trip.   

We will be heading out on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Healthy Choices…


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Dear Parents,

Would you help us make healthy choices in 4S?

If your child is not feeling well or is showing symptoms of illness, please allow him/her time to recuperate at home. We have had a few students come to school with headaches and sniffles. They struggled throughout the school day.  Please don’t worry, we will help your children catch up on missed lessons & assignments when they fully recover from their viruses and return to school. 🙂


Miss Semke, Mrs. Kinniston, & Mr. Wong (The 4S Teaching Team)

Personal Reading Goals…


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Dear Parents & Students,

As part of the 25 Book Challenge, we each set a personal reading goal for every book we read this year. 

Students, please share your current reading goal with your parents.    

Remember, goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.

A Few Reading Goal Suggestions…

  • Time:  I will read for 15 minutes each day at home.
  • DEAR:  I will settle within one minute & read silently for the whole time.
  • Word Collector: I will notice “juicy”, fresh, interesting words/phrases, then write them in my journal for writing ideas.
  • Visualize: I will make pictures in my mind about the story.
  • Prepared: I will have my reading book & journal at school every day for DEAR.
  • Keeping Track:  I will faithfully update my reading log. I am always ready for a conference with the teacher.
  • Variety:  I will try a book genre that I don’t usually choose.  I will stretch myself to try new types of books (e.g. science fiction, biography, realistic fiction, mystery, poetry, fantasy, adventure).
  • Aloud:  I will read aloud 10 minutes a day to strengthen reading/speaking fluency, expression, projection, and clarity.


25 Book Challenge!


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Dear Parents & Students,

This year in 4S, we are doing the “25 Book Reading Challenge”. We have made a good start.


  1. Read at home daily for a minimum of 15 minutes (silently & out loud).
  2. Have a book at school each day for DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read).
  3. Record each book you read in your Reading Journal Log.
  4. Set a personal READING GOAL for each book you read.  Stretch/challenge yourself.
  5. Read a wide variety of FICTION genres this year:  adventure, fantasy, realistic, historical, graphic novels, science fiction, mystery, myths & legends, fairy tales, poetry, picture books.
  6. Read a wide variety of NONFICTION genres this year:  spiritual (Bible), biography, history, science facts, how-to, travel information.
  7. Ask your parents & teacher to sign each completed book log entry.
  8. Be ready for weekly reading conferences with Miss Semke (e.g.  discuss: opinions, reading goals, information about characters & plot, etc.)
  9. Try to earn 1 point each week.
  10. You have until the end of the year to complete your 25 books.  Pace yourself wisely.
  11. Miss Semke’s goal is 50 books. Ask her for book recommendations & what her reading goals are!

Happy reading!

Miss Semke








RECORDERS are here!


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Dear Parents & Grade 4 Music Students,

Mrs. Chong has distributed RECORDERS and the Recorder Karate Program has begun!

Related image

Here are a few instructions/rules to be aware of so that practice at home & school is a positive experience for all:

1. Recorders are to be played only in the MUSIC ROOM or OUTSIDE (but NOT at the front under-cover area by Mr. Paul and Mrs. Schneck’s offices, and NOT while climbing on playground equipment).  If a student plays his/her recorder in the hallway, classroom, etc., then it may be taken away by any school staff and given to Mrs. Chong.  Please protect the peaceful learning environment at school.

2. Recorders are instruments. They are to be used to make MUSIC, not NOISE.  They must be blown GENTLY.  If a student is blowing hard to purposely make noise, then their recorder may be taken away for a time.

The students are always SO excited about practicing their recorder!  Thank you very much for encouraging the students as they practice at home for 10 minutes a day.

Let the musical adventure begin!

Instruments clipart recorder. Free musical instrument

CLUB sign up opens on Sept. 18 @ 9 am


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Image result for school clubs

Dear Parents & Students,
The Club program at RCS Elementary Campus is an opportunity for students from Grades 1 to 5 and teachers to enjoy community in a more relaxed, fun setting. 
Club sign-up will open on Sept 18th at 9:00 am and will close on Sept. 24th at 3:30 pm.

Nova Foods not available October 19th


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Please be aware that Nova Foods is closed on October 19.

Parents who regularly order Nova Foods will need to pack lunch or order Munchalunch for their children on that day.

No Nova Foods on Oct. 19.

Thank you.


September 21 – Terry Fox Hero Day


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Our first special “dress up” day is coming soon!

Image result for terry fox

On Friday, September 21, we will be honouring Terry Fox by dressing up as heroes & raising money for cancer cure research. 

Heroes can be famous God-followers in the Bible, like: Moses, Queen Esther, Mary, or King David.

Heroes can be “super” like: Batman, Superman/girl, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, the Hulk, Iron Man, & the Incredibles.

Heroes can also be regular people who have dedicated their lives to making a positive difference in God’s world, like:  your mom & dad, Terry Fox, doctors & nurses, teachers, & pastors.

All students & staff are invited to dress like a HERO on Friday, September 21. 

And, if you are able, please bring a loonie or toonie donation to help find a cure for cancer. 

Thank you 🙂

Incredible First Week…


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Image result for incredibles

Hi everyone!

What did you really enjoy about our first week together in Grade 4?

These are some of the special events I loved:

Our first “field trip” outdoors on Day #1! (hee, hee!)

Meeting all of you and hearing about your summer vacation highlights.

Story time, picture books, & prayer @ the carpet.

The 10 Minute Fitness Challenge (I like it when you “lap” me!)

The 2 INCREDIBLE Chapels we had! (Words, Actions, Thoughts, Companions, Heart)

Mr. Paul’s story about how the LORD healed his brother

The read-a-loud book you chose for recess & lunch:  No Talking by Andrew Clements

Having fun with numbers, using white boards & games

Filling each others “buckets” with kind words & actions

Learning how to play California Kickball with Miss Epp’s class

You have all made a strong start to Grade 4.  I am proud of you!

Looking forward to an INCREDIBLE rest of the year!

Thank you for being part of the Semkeville Team this year,

Miss Semke


The Grade 4 Adventure Begins…


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Welcome to our 4S Class Blog!  

Mrs. Kinniston, Mr. Wong, and I (Miss Semke) are looking forward to meeting you all very soon. 

Our prayer is that this will be a year of deep connection to the Lord and each other. 

We will learn, explore, experiment, laugh, pray, play, build, think, share, create, wonder, read, write, worship, calculate, serve, respect, invent, include…and SO much more in Grade Four!

We hope this blog will be a helpful communication tool for all 4S parents and students.

This site is where you will find:

– homework updates

– anouncements

– upcoming events

– links to other important RCS blogs (see right column)

Please subscribe to this blog (see right column, at the bottom) so that you will receive email notification of all new entries.

In Christ’s Service,

Miss Semke, Mrs. Kinniston, & Mr. Wong



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