Gifts for the Manger – Nov 18 to Dec 13


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For the next 2 weeks, 4S will be collecting new baby items for the Crisis Pregnancy Center. With these gifts, the CPC will make & deliver Christmas hampers to encourage the hearts of new mothers & fathers who are experiencing difficult circumstances.  If you are able to contribute, please send your gifts to our classroom with your child.







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Below are practical examples of the kindness we can give other families as recommended by the Crisis Pregnancy Centre:


#4 & 5 diapers (much needed)

Pull ups (much needed)

Wet wipes (much needed)

Formula (much needed for 2 clients in particular)

Socks for ages 1-3

Mittens for ages 1-3

Toques for ages 0-3

Clothing size winter/warmer clothing size: 6 months – 3 years for both male and female; the need is greater for bigger sizes.

Baby products are welcome, however, the Centre does not give out talcum powder to families anymore.



The Centre supports:

7 children under age 1 (2 boys, 5 girls)

3 children age 1-2  (1 boy, 2 girls)

2 children age 2-3 (both girls)

1 – 3 yr old boy

1 – 3 yr old girl


Dolls, toy trucks, board books, building blocks, plush toys

*Toys which require batteries can be a hardship to replace for some families.



The CPC also gives gifts to moms and dads. A few suggestions are:

Women’s scarves or blanket scarves

Men’s mittens/gloves

Socks (male and female)


Body soap (men’s and women’s scents)

Gift cards (grocery stores, Walmart, and even for coffee shops or healthier fast food like subway)

Lip balm, hand cream


Thank you very much for your prayer & care for families in need.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas season,

Miss Semke

Reading Reminders…


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Hi 4S Radical Readers,

Just a reminder that you need to bring the following items to school each day to be ready for reading conferences:

  • Reading/Writing Power JOURNAL (contains Reading Log)
  • A good BOOK you are currently reading


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Thinking Thursdays!


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Dear 4S Readers

Starting tomorrow, every THURSDAY will be a special time for us to THINK about our READING…our joys, challenges, strategies & goals.

Prepare for Thinking Thursdays by bringing:

  • the book your are currently reading
  • your specific reading goal for this book
  • your Reading/Writing Power Journal
  • your Reading Log updated 
  • the “25 Book Reading Challenge” signed by a parent

4S Reading Challenge!


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Dear Parents & Students,

This year in 4S, we are doing the “25 Book Reading Challenge”. We have made a good start.


  1. Read at home daily for a minimum of 15 minutes (silently & out loud).
  2. Have a book at school each day for DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read).
  3. Record each book you read in your Reading Journal Log.
  4. Set a personal READING GOAL for each book you read.  Stretch/challenge yourself.
  5. Read a wide variety of FICTION genres this year:  adventure, fantasy, realistic, historical, graphic novels, science fiction, mystery, myths & legends, fairy tales, poetry, picture books.
  6. Read a wide variety of NONFICTION genres this year:  spiritual (Bible), biography, history, science facts, how-to, travel information.
  7. Ask your parents & teacher to sign each completed book log entry.
  8. Be ready for weekly reading conferences with Miss Semke (e.g.  discuss: opinions, reading goals, information about characters & plot, etc.)
  9. Try to earn 1 point each week.
  10. You have until the end of the year to complete your 25 books.  Pace yourself wisely.
  11. Miss Semke’s goal is 50 books. Ask her for book recommendations & what her reading goals are!

Happy reading!

Miss Semke







HERO Dress Up Day – November 15


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“Boom! Zap! Pow!”

Put on your capes, because November 15th is RCS Elementary Hero Day! Come dressed up as your favourite hero — a Bible hero, a comic book hero, or a community hero. The possibilities are endless. This is your chance to get creative and honour all the superheroes in our lives — both fictional and real-life.

Poppies & Remembrance Day Chapel


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During Chapel, November 8, the Elementary Campus will focus on Remembrance Day.

Each student will be given the opportunity to wear a poppy. These poppies are from the Royal Canadian Legion. Before Friday, we encourage you to speak with your child about Remembrance Day and its significance. If you desire, please have your children bring a small coin donation for the poppies they will be receiving this Friday.

We look forward to supporting & honouring our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Thank you.

EC Parent Night – Thursday, Nov. 7 @ 7pm


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