4S Reading Challenge!


Posted by Cheryl Semke | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on November 12, 2019

Dear Parents & Students,

This year in 4S, we are doing the “25 Book Reading Challenge”. We have made a good start.


  1. Read at home daily for a minimum of 15 minutes (silently & out loud).
  2. Have a book at school each day for DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read).
  3. Record each book you read in your Reading Journal Log.
  4. Set a personal READING GOAL for each book you read.  Stretch/challenge yourself.
  5. Read a wide variety of FICTION genres this year:  adventure, fantasy, realistic, historical, graphic novels, science fiction, mystery, myths & legends, fairy tales, poetry, picture books.
  6. Read a wide variety of NONFICTION genres this year:  spiritual (Bible), biography, history, science facts, how-to, travel information.
  7. Ask your parents & teacher to sign each completed book log entry.
  8. Be ready for weekly reading conferences with Miss Semke (e.g.  discuss: opinions, reading goals, information about characters & plot, etc.)
  9. Try to earn 1 point each week.
  10. You have until the end of the year to complete your 25 books.  Pace yourself wisely.
  11. Miss Semke’s goal is 50 books. Ask her for book recommendations & what her reading goals are!

Happy reading!

Miss Semke







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