Nov 30

Dear Parents, 

Today, we met with our Family Groups and decorated gingerbread cookies.  Here are some pictures of the event: 

The fourth author that we are focusing on this year is Leo Lionni.  He was an award-winning children’s author and illustrator of more than 40 books.  Some of his books include Inch by InchAlexander and the Wind-up Mouse, and Swimmy.  The students noticed that his books are similar in style to Eric Carle’s in how he uses collages for illustrations.  Some students suggested that his books are not as funny as Mo Willems’ or Robert Munsch’s books, while others thought that his books have a beginning that introduces the characters, a middle that tells us there is a problem, and an ending where there is a solution.  We also practiced our handwriting, touch-typing, and Words Their Way sorts throughout the week.  

Since we started exploring different addition strategies in Math several weeks ago, we have covered strategies such as “count on”, and “make ten”.  This week, we discussed how we can add by using “double facts” or near doubles.  The students rotated through various math centres to reinforce their addition skills using the iPads, worksheets, and games. 

We watched another video on Joshua and asked the students to reflect on what they have learned from him.  We also talked about the meaning of our new memory verse, Isaiah 9:6 

In our Inquiry unit of Amazing Animals, we looked at another adaptation that animals make to live – migration.  The students found out that animals migrate to find food, water, and shelter.  They also learned how animals prepare for migration. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at medical conditions that are relevant to young children, such as the common cold and flu, allergies, and asthma in Health. This week, we talked about what happens when you lose a tooth and the difference between the baby teeth and the adult teeth. We also learned about our mouth: teeth, roots, gums, and jaw.    

Daniela’s mom, dad, and brother came in this week to tell us something about their family.  We learned that she speaks Spanish as her dad is from Nicaragua and her mom teaches Spanish at the high school.  We also found out that Daniela loves to spend time with her friends, baby cousins, and take care of her five fish tanks.  She has many hobbies such as reading, drawing, swimming, playing the piano, singing, and dancing. 

Report cards will be made available online next Monday, December 3.  Do take some time to go over the report card with your child.  Let them know what they are doing well in and what are some areas that they need to work on.    

Have a joyful weekend!  

Message from Ms. Huber: 

On Tuesday, December 4th, the library will be closed after school. This is to give students time to rest before the Christmas concert. 


Nov 22

Dear Parents, 

In Language Arts, we reviewed some of the observations that the students have of our featured author, Robert Munsch.  They noticed that his books are always about young children, that there is usually a repeating pattern and that he makes children laugh by being silly.  We also contrasted some of his books and found that some can leave us with a surprising ending (e.g. The Paper Bag Princess) and some can leave us a bit sad (e.g. Love You Forever).  

In Math, we continued to explore different addition strategies, such as Count On (e.g. What is 3+2? I count from 3 then 2 more) and Make Ten (e.g. What is 9+5? I can take 1 from the 5 and add it to the 9 to make 10, then add the 10 to the 4) using the number line, ten frame, fingers, and 100 chart.  They were given a chance to apply those skills with math (word) problems to solve.  The students also completed the December calendar by putting in dates that are important to them.  Again, please help your child place the calendar in a location where he/she can see and make plans for the week.    

In Bible, we continued to look at the message of trusting God.  This week, we reviewed the story of Moses and the life of Joshua.  We discussed how God spoke to Moses and chose him because of his faith to lead his people into Canaan.  We learned that Joshua was one of the twelve spies sent by Moses to scout out Canaan and came back confident that the Israelites could defeat the enemy.  We will be looking at the birth of Jesus over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.  It is our hope that students will understand the true meaning of Christmas and what a precious gift God has given us.   

In our Inquiry unit of Amazing animals, we inquired into ways that animals adapt to their environment by using mimicry and camouflage.  We found out that animals use camouflage to either hide from its predator or its prey.  Animals change colour to blend into their environment (e.g. chameleon), stay in places that look like them (e.g. leaf insect), or travel in groups to confuse their predators (e.g. zebras). 

In Health, we continued to look at common illnesses and medical conditions affecting young children.  This week, we talked about the causes of asthma and ways that we can control it. 

A big thank you to Oliver’s mom and dad for coming in this week to share with us about their family.  We learned that Oliver is born in Richmond on New Year’s Eve.  He enjoys many different sports, such as basketball, soccer, skating, swimming, skiing, and rock-climbing.  As a family, they attend and help at Bethany Baptist Church.  They also like to travel and have been to different parts of the United States, Europe, and Iceland. 

A reminder that your child will need to bring a small bag (about a quarter cup) of nut-free candy to decorate their cookies during our annual gingerbread cookie decorations next Friday during our family group meeting. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Nov 16

Dear Parents, 

We have completed another set of Words Their Way (WTW) sorts this week in Language Arts.  As mentioned before, this is a spelling/phonics program that focuses on the word patterns within the English language.  The students work in small groups on individualized sorts in class during the week.  The following are some ways that you can help your child with the sort that is sent home every Monday:  

Regular and speed sort: ask your child to read aloud each word and place the word under the appropriate heading.  As your child becomes more fluent, you can challenge him/her to do the sort faster.  Here is a video of how this can be done:

Blind sort: lay down the headings for the sort.  Then you read out each word without your child seeing the word.  Ask your child which heading it belongs to and why it should be there. Here is a video of how this can be done:

Word hunt: ask your child to find three or four other words that fall under the same headings in books or magazines at home.     

Due to the PD day next Friday, we will be having our WTW quiz next Thursday instead. 

We introduced the reading strategy of visualization to the students this week.  Visualization enables students to be more aware of the descriptive languages that good writers use in their text.  We practiced a simple visualization exercise by me calling out a single word and asking them to make a picture in their heads of that word.  We decided that some words (e.g. objects) are much easier for visualization and other words like “the” or “at” is more difficult to visualize.  We also discussed how we could use our different senses when visualizing the text.  

We continued to read books and watch interviews online by Robert Munsch.  Students noticed that his books are like Mo Willems because they are humorous and encourage children to read aloud together. 

In Math, students rotated through Math centers to work independently on different math skills related to number sense and addition.  Students are grouped during this time based on their specific math needs.  The groupings are flexible and can be changed depending on what we are working on that week.  There are four centers that the students rotate through every 15-20 minutes.  At the iPad center, students work on a specific app to enhance their number sense.  At the Game center, students play math games related to addition.  At the Practice Work center, students work on math drills or worksheets to reinforce their addition and subtraction skills.  At the last center, students work with me on specific skills.  This week, we explored the ways that we can add numbers, such as counting all and counting on by using tools such as the number line, ten frame, fingers, and 100 chart.  It is our intent to move the students from the counting stage to the reasoning stage of addition and eventually to the mastery stage where students can do addition mentally without the aid of manipulatives.  

We started our new Inquiry unit of Amazing Adaptations.  Students are expected to learn how animals adapt to their environment to meet their basic needs.  This week, we launched the unit by introducing the big idea to this unit: animals adapt and change to live.  We also discussed what animals need to survive.  The students suggested that animals need shelter, food, water, and air to live.   

In light of our Curriculum Night last week, I would like to share a short TED Talk video by Sir Ken Robinson, an author, speaker, and educational advisor, on creating an education system that nurtures creativity.   

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nov 9

Dear Parents,  

This week, we talked about the meaning behind the poppies that people wear during Remembrance Day.  The students discovered that this is a day where we remember all the heroes and soldiers who have made sacrifices for our country.   

We started the week by featuring a new author, Robert Munsch.  He is a best-selling Canadian author of over 70 books.  The students watched a video interview on him and discovered that he finds inspirations in his stories through interactions with real children.  Some initial impressions that the students have of him are that there seems to be a repeating pattern within his books and that he writes to make children laugh.  

In Math, we explored an iPad app, Ten Frame Mania, to give the students more practice on their subitization skills.  We did practice work (e.g. worksheets) using the number line, as well as using it as another strategy to show how students get their answers when solving math (word) problems.    

In Bible, we finished looking at the life of Joseph.  The students responded in their Bible exercise book about what they have learned from his story.  Some students said that you need to trust God even when things are hard and that we need to follow God’s plan.   

We completed our Inquiry unit of Me to We by asking the students to make a book about ways that we can help in a classroom.  Some students said that we can help 1C by being caring to others, solving problems when they arise, listening to instructions, and modelling good choices to their friends.  

In Health, we continued to explore some common illnesses that young children may encounter. This week, we talked about what is an allergy and some of its causes, as well as what happens during an allergic reaction and ways that we can prevent it.   

A reminder that our class will be going to the Minoru Ice Rink for ice skating next Tuesday, November 13.  All parents can come to help and skate for free.  As we have a high number of parents coming, we will not be appointing specific parents as supervisors for the trip.  Rather, we will just ask that you help where needed that day.  Students will be leaving school via a school bus at 10:15 and should arrive at the ice rink by 10:30. The actual skating time is from 10:45-11:45.  We will be back at school for lunch.  You will have to make your way there if you are coming to help.  Please wait at the entrance of the ice rink to pick up your child as we go in.  You may be asked to help one other child to put on and take off their skates during the day.  Remember to log in your volunteering hours in the black binder next to Rowena at the school office.    

Bernice’s parents and younger sister came in this week to share about their family. We learned that Bernice likes to do lots of fun things at home like baking, making crafts, building with Lego, and reading.  She also enjoys the different activities that her church provides.  They recently went to Mexico, New York, Ottawa, Toronto, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong and showed us pictures of their trips.  A verse that is important to Bernice is Genesis 1:1 and her family believes that “sharing is caring”. 

Have a restful weekend!


Nov 2

Dear Parents, 

We have been working on the routines of our spelling program, Words Their Way (WTW), over the last few weeks.  Students have been learning how to prepare their sorts and look for patterns within the set of words that is given to them.  As students have different needs to work on, they will be receiving different sets of words to practice during the week.  The focus of WTW is on the patterns in the English language, rather than the memorization of individual words.  Next Monday, each student will receive an individualized list of words to take home to work on.  Your child will be practicing these words at school and should be able to tell you how the words are sorted based on specific patterns.  During the last day of the week (usually Friday), the students will be tested on their understanding of the patterns of these words with a spelling quiz.  I will choose 10 words from the sort randomly to test the students. Students will only be marked on the part of the word that has been taught (e.g. if we are focusing on beginning and end sound, the word “said” can be spelled as “sed” and still be considered correct).  The quiz will be sent home for you to keep and to monitor your child’s progress.  Ultimately, we would like to see the students apply these spelling patterns to their daily writing.  I have included a video made by our literacy coach, Angela Laing, answering some commonly asked questions regarding this program. 

In Math, we continued to model how to use the number line to add and subtract numbers.  As well, we introduced to the students to the proper usage of the iPads and further their understanding of subitization with the introduction of the Ten Frame Mania app.  They also played various math games aimed to develop their number sense.  

In Bible, we will be examining the lives of Joseph and Joshua and how they trusted God.  This week, we looked at the way that Joseph trusted God even when he was sold into slavery by his brothers.   

In our inquiry unit of Me to We, we continued to work in small groups to come up with ways that we can contribute to our church community.  Some students said that we can keep the church clean, care for others, listen to the speaker, and follow the rules.   

In Health, we will begin to look at some common illnesses or medical conditions related to young children, such as asthma, allergy, cold and flu as well as losing their teeth. We hope that students can understand more about their bodies through these topics. This week, we discussed ways that we can prevent ourselves from getting a cold or flu, such as getting enough rest, getting regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet to improve our immune system as well as washing our hands regularly. 

Nathanael’s parents came in this week to share about their family.  We found out that they enjoy playing different board games, such as Uno and Monopoly, as a family.  They also like to travel and have been to many places in Asia and the United States.  A Bible verse that they keep going back to is Philippians 4:6-7.  It reminds them of God’s provision when they move from Vancouver to Hong Kong and back to Vancouver over the last decade.   

Individual photo retake is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 6.  If you wish for your child to retake his/her individual picture, please email me or write in the Back and Forth book to let me know. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Message from Mrs. Teodoro: 

We are no longer distributing Nova Food paper forms to each student. Online orders can be made directly at these food delivery providers instead: 



 If you require a paper form, please pick up from the office. Thank you.