Dec 14

Dear Parents, 

We had a busy last week!  The students met with their grade twelve prayer buddies today.  They came to our campus to eat lunch, pray, and play with their grade one buddies at recess.  Each child in grade one has been matched with a grade twelve student so that they can pray for each other for the rest of this school year.  We plan to visit the prayer buddies at their campus in Spring and sing for them during their convocation in June.   

We also had a small Christmas celebration in class this Thursday.  Students rotated through a craft, bingo, games, and snack center in the morning. 

In Language Arts, we talked about being aware of using periods to end a sentence and beginning a sentence with a capital letter.  For most young children, writing is a very cognitively intensive task that entails forming the letters, leaving space between words, thinking about how to spell a word properly, what to write, and knowing the audience that they are writing for. Therefore, we often see children forgetting to use their capital and punctuation marks, and it is something that we will continue to work on throughout the year.  

This week, we concluded our look at our featured author, Leo Lionni.  The students suggested that his books have a beginning that introduces the characters, a middle that has a problem, and an ending that resolves the problem.  Some enjoyed the way that he uses collages to illustrate his books.  They also noticed that he only uses animal characters and that his books are not as funny as Robert Munsch’s and Mo Willems’.   

In Math, we reviewed the different addition strategies, such as “Count On”, “Make Ten”, and “Double Facts”, that we have explored this year and how they can be used to help us add 2-digits to 1-digit numbers.  We also discussed how some strategies may be more efficient given the set of addends (e.g. using a double fact like 4+4=8 can help us find the sum for 5+4 quickly).  The students also completed their January calendar and wrote down dates that are important to them.  

In Bible, we continued to explore the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.  We sang Christmas songs and discussed what the lyrics mean.   

We concluded our Inquiry unit of Amazing Animals this week by discussing about where we can get information on a given topic.  The students suggested that we can learn more about something by reading books, searching the internet, asking an adult, and being in the actual environment. With that in mind, we visited the Vancouver Aquarium this Wednesday to experience how animals adapt to live. Here are some pictures of our visit: 

On a more personal note, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the presents and cards that I have received.  As well, a big thank you for all your prayers and support for the students of 1C, whether it is working with your child at home or coming into the class to help.  I know that they have all grown so much since the start of the school year.    

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Dec 7

Dear Parents, 

In Language Arts, we contrasted the different books that we have read so far from Leo Lionni. The students thought that his books are usually structured to have a problem and a solution, such as Swimmy and Little Blue and Little Yellow.  As well, they noticed that he likes to use mice as his characters in books such as Frederick and Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse.  We also discussed how his stories often teach us a lesson. 

The students have been working hard on their Words Their Way (WTW) sorts over the last few weeks.  Therefore, we will be taking a break from this program next week.  Your child will not be receiving any WTW sorts next Monday.   

As for the home reading program, students should still be bringing in their package to exchange for new books next week, but we do not expect the students to be reading the leveled books during the Christmas holidays.  Any unread books can be used after we come back from the holidays. 

In Math, students explored more addition strategies this week.  We talked about how we can use “double facts” to help us add “near doubles”.  As well, we looked at some important addition properties such as the commutative property (e.g. 4+5=5+4) and zero property (e.g. any number plus zero is itself).  At this developmental stage, some students are beginning to transfer these strategies mentally while some are using manipulatives (e.g. unifix cubes, counters, fingers) to help them visualize their math problems.   

In Bible, we continued to discuss the birth of Jesus.  The students responded in their Bible exercise book about why we celebrate Christmas.  Some of them said it is because Jesus is born on that day, while others said that Jesus came to take our sins away.   

In Health, we continued to look at dental health related to young children.  We discussed what happens when we go to a dentist (e.g. getting our teeth cleaned and taking x-rays to see if there are any problems) and why a regular checkup is important. 

In our Inquiry unit on Amazing Animals, we looked at another adaptation that animals make in order to survive – hibernation.  We learned why animals hibernate and how they prepare themselves beforehand. 

Amelie’s mom and dad came in this week to share with us what they do as a family throughout the year.  They celebrate Chinese New Year with their family at the beginning of the year.  They recognize that Jesus died for us during Easter.  They love to go berry picking and traveling over the summer.  During fall, they enjoy pumpkin picking and watching the changing leaves.  At the end of the year, they have lots of birthdays to celebrate but the most important one is the birth of Jesus.  A Bible verse that is special to them is “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonian 5:16-18. 

A reminder that next Wednesday, December 12, 1C students will be going to the Vancouver Aquarium.  We will be leaving school at around 9:00 and arrive back at around 2:30. In order to minimize what the students need to carry to and around the aquarium, your child only needs to bring a small snack, a cold lunch and a small water bottle to school that day, preferably in a small backpack (If you have order Nova lunch that day, please call them to cancel the order).  There is no need to bring the Back and Forth book.  If you have a message for me that day, you can email me the night before.  However, if your child usually exchanges their home readers on Wednesday, please continue to bring that to school.  We will do the exchange in the morning and leave the package at school.  This is a normal school day where you will drop off your child to school at the usual time.  If you wish to take your child home directly from the aquarium, please email me so that I can help make the necessary arrangement ahead of time.  Otherwise, students will come back to school to get their belongings and be dismissed at 2:45pm.   

I will be replacing the content of the Back and Forth Book next Friday.  If you would like to keep the pages, please email me by next Friday.  Otherwise, I will shred and recycle the pages. 

Have a restful weekend! 

Message from Ms. Huber: 

The library will be closed after school on Friday, December 14th. Students are welcome to keep their books over the break. If you are planning to travel, please keep library books at home.