Apr 5

Dear Parents, 

The students came back and had lots to share with the class about what they did over the holidays.  As we begin the last term of the school year, we will continue to push forward with the students’ learning, so that they will have a good start to grade two.  

In Language Arts, we reviewed ways that you can add voice to your writing.  We continued to practice how to ask relevant questions and make predictions when reading a book.   Students have begun their training on using the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.  This will be integrated into our literacy centres starting next week.   

In Math, we discussed and practiced how we can efficiently add a group of coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarters) using 10 and 25 as anchors.  As the students move from the reasoning stage of addition to the mastery stage (mental math), continue to provide an authentic experience where your child can make use of their mental math skills, such as giving them a group of coins to add or practicing giving change.   

In Bible, we reviewed the Easter story by watching a short video in class. Students reflected on what it means for Jesus to die for us and completed the display outside of our room. They suggested that he took away our sins and that Easter is about spending time with God 

iCare for the World week will begin on April 9.  Each year we raise money for International China Concern (ICC), an organization that cares for abandoned and disabled children in China.  We will be doing various activities in class to reinforce the idea of making sacrifices for others.  Your child will receive a donation envelope today.  If you wish to participate, you can donate either online or offline using the directions on the envelope.  Please return all donations by Monday, April 15.   

We will be holding our Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10 from 1:30-2:45.  It would be great if you can take time out to join us that day.  More information regarding the Mother’s Day Tea to come.   

A reminder that Club begins next week.  The following students are involved this term (Apr 8-May 31):  

Monday iMovie Club (lunch): Kirsten, Emma, Amelie, Evan 

Friday Hockey Club (lunch): David 

Friday Lego Challenge Club (after school in Mrs. Sanders’ room): Charles 

Have a great weekend! 

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