Apr 26

Dear Parents, 

It was great to see the grandparents come and visit their grandchildren in class on Wednesday.  The students took the time to explain to their grandparents what they are learning during our literacy centres.  They showed their grandparents their Words Their Way sorts, and how to use the iPads to listen to stories as well as shared their writings and read stories from our class library.  The students were also prompted to ask their grandparents what school was like before.    

In Language Arts, we continued to read books, such as Ish and Sky Color, by our featured author, Peter H. Reynolds and emphasize the importance of learning from our mistakes, being creative and using our imagination on things that we write, draw or make.  We also introduced several wordless picture books to students to spark their imagination and provide them with writing ideas.   

In Math, the students made their own analog clock using paper plates and we will be using them in class for the duration of the Time unit.  Having students make their own clock reinforces the concept of time which can be difficult for some young children.  We also continued to work on word problems and provide opportunities for the students to apply their place value, addition and subtraction strategies.  As well, they completed their May calendar with dates and events that are meaningful to them. 

In our Inquiry unit of Light and Sound, we introduced the idea that some material can be transparent, translucent, or opaque.  Students experimented with different materials to see how light interacts with them and recorded their observations in their science journal. 

In Health, we talked about how being a communicator can help us.  We discussed that being a communicator means that we need to first listen carefully to what our friends are saying, think about what is being said, and respond in a kind and gentle manner.  We role-played some situations where the students need to make use of their communication skills to work with others. 

Have a great weekend! 

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