May 10

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for being part of the Mother’s Day celebration today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the moms (and dads!) for their support this year and all the countless hours of sacrifices that you make each day. Indeed, you have all contributed greatly to your child’s growth this year.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the video that we showed at the beginning, please pass a USB to me for downloading.

In Language Arts, we continued to practice how to ask relevant questions, make predictions and inferences as we read books to help with our reading comprehension.  We also had individual writing conferences to discuss different writing strategies that we have been introduced to this year.  We began featuring books by Melanie Watt, the award-winning author of the Scaredy Squirrel series.  From her video interview, we found out that she wrote Scaredy Squirrel to help children to be brave and take good risks.  We also found out that she likes to use animals as her story characters, was born in Quebec, and learned to speak English when she was 8 years old.  

In Math, the students practiced how to read time on their own self-made clocks to the hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour, while some students began to practice and apply their addition strategies to tell time to the minutes.  We also began a new unit on Shapes and Objects.  Students will explore how 2-D shapes and 3-D objects are alike and different.  They will be expected to sort shapes and objects using at least one attribute or description and replicate a 2-D shape (e.g. square) using other 2-D shapes (e.g. two triangles), as well as to develop their spatial sense by flipping, rotating, and sliding shapes. This week, the students sorted various 2-D shapes into groups by describing their own sorting rules.  

In Bible, the students learned that David’s son, Solomon, became the next king of Israel. He asked God to give him wisdom to rule over Israel so that he can be a good king.  But soon he turned away from God.  Just like Saul though, he failed to repent and acknowledge God for his sins.  We reinforced the importance of obeying God’s commandments and what we should do if we make mistakes.  

In our Inquiry unit of Light and Sound, the students made their own kazoo (a small, simple musical instrument consisting of a hollow pipe with a hole in it, over which is a thin covering that vibrates and produces a buzzing sound when the player sings or hums into the pipe) using the toilet paper roll that they brought in.  They discovered that vibrations make sound by touching the covered end of the kazoo when they blow into it. 

In Health, we continued to focus on the different core competencies highlighted in the new BC curriculum.  This week, we looked at creative thinking and how we can get ideas from around us.   The students reflected on the components of the core competencies that they are doing well in as well as parts that they need to work on.   

Happy Mother’s Day! 

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