May 17

Dear Parents, 

In Language Arts, we examined more books written by our featured author, Melanie Watt.  The students thought that her books are both funny and try to teach us a lesson at the same time. During literacy centres, we continued to practice how to infer with another wordless picture book, The Line by Suzy Lee. 

This week in Math, we explored how we can compose 2-D shapes using pattern blocks (e.g. using three equilateral triangles to make a trapezoid).  The students were introduced to how we can use pattern blocks to compose tessellation (a pattern made of identical shapes that must fit together without any gaps) and to make their own artwork that is put up outside the classroom.  

As well, students were given tangrams (a Chinese geometric puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces, two large triangles, one medium triangle, two small triangles, one square, and one parallelogram) to explore and make into various shapes such as a square, triangle, and rectangle while using all 7 tangram pieces.  These challenges and activities are intended to help students compose and decompose 2-D shapes as well as develop their spatial sense (e.g. being able to flip, rotate, and slide 2-D shapes).   

In Bible, we began to look at the early church after Jesus had died.  The students learned that on Pentecost, God sent his Holy Spirits to his followers.  It gave them the courage and power to spread the good news.  The students suggested that the Holy Spirit can help us overcome what we can’t by ourselves. 

In our Inquiry unit of Light and Sound, students compare how foil and cling wrap vibrates and affects the pitches of their kazoos.  They continue to make a hypothesis, record their observations and draw conclusions in their science journal. 

In Health, we looked into another core competency, critical thinking.  The students thought that being a critical thinker means you ask good questions to learn.  We discussed that we can be a critical thinker by thinking deeply about what we do, judging our actions, and changing our mind if necessary.   

Evan’s mom, dad, and brother, Derek, came in this week to share with us the top five things that they like to do as a family.  We found out that they like to go to farmer’s markets, beaches, parks, explore Seattle, play UNO, and read books.  Evan showed us his favourite book, Ninjago: Lloyd vs. Lord Garmadon.  A word that is special to his family is “providence” as it reminds them of how God put their family together and how He had watched over them when they were sick. 

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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