May 24

Dear Parents, 

In Language Arts, we continued to discuss how good writers think about their word choices. We brainstormed words that are overused or “tired”, such as “and” or “then”, and came up with other words that can be used to replace them.  We also read two different books by our featured author, Melanie Watt, and contrasted them with her other books.   

We will be concluding our Home Reading program next Friday, May 31.  Please return all home reading books/booklets after that date.  In its place, I would like the students to each bring in a favourite picture book that they have read recently.  Each day from Monday, June 3 to Tuesday, June 18, two to three students will read their books to the class and tell us something interesting about the author (e.g. information from the inside of the book cover or the back of the book) and why they enjoy reading the book.  These books can be from home or the public library.  Please bring the books sometime next week and help your child label the books so that I can return them to you.  Hopefully, we can learn about some new authors from each other. 

As well, our last day for library class is Thursday, May 30.  Please help your child bring his/her library books and bag to school that day.  The library will be closed for inventory taking after May 31 and all books should be returned by Thursday, Jun 6. 

In Math, we finished our unit on Shapes.  Students learned to sort 2D shapes and 3D objects by using different attributes such as corners, sides, edges and faces.  They also discovered how to compose and decompose shapes using tangrams, pattern blocks, and geoboards as well as finding 2D shapes within 3D objects using nets.   

We concluded our Inquiry unit on Light and Sound by asking the students to compare their cup-a-phone (a simple listening device made of a string attached between two paper cups) when made with different materials.  The students continued to use their power of observation to draw a conclusion on a given hypothesis.  We talked about how even if our hypothesis is wrong, we can still learn lots from the experiments.  Please check out the Science Journal that I am sending home today to see what they have learned and our display board to see what the students are still wondering about on light and sound. 

This week, Boaz’s mom and dad came in to talk to us about their family.  We learned that they love to go bird watching, hiking, do gardening, play squash, golf, fish, ski and play the piano.  His family believes in sharing the love of God with others by serving at Awana and visiting seniors home.  A Bible verse that is important to his family is Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. 

In order to help your child develop their sense of independence and get ready for grade two, you may consider simply saying your goodbyes at the classroom door starting next week. This will be voluntary.  Please have a conversation with your child to see what they are comfortable with.   

Please let us know the number and type of pizza that you wish to order for our year-end celebration on the afternoon of Friday, Jun 14.  Each slice of pizza costs $1.50 and you can pass the payment to me or Julie (Elias’ mom).  Keep in mind that this date also coincides with the school’s Munch-a-lunch program and that we will be bringing the lunch that you had ordered to the picnic as well.   

A reminder that there is early dismissal at 2 pm next Friday, May 31 to enable students and staff to attend the school carnival at the high school campus starting at 2:30 pm.   

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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