Sep 20

Dear Parents, 

This week, we started our printing program called Handwriting Without Tears.  We reviewed the capital letters that the students were exposed to last year as well as the correct way to hold a pencil.  Each student practiced printing in their own exercise book after we go over the correct stroke order as a class.  We also continued to focus on the first reading strategy of connection.  As I read aloud different stories to the students, they were asked to tell the class the connections that they have made.   

In Math, we asked the students to create and extend patterns with 3 or 4 elements and record them onto paper.  As well, we started to expose students to word problems.  We discussed how it is useful to re-read the question to ensure that we understand the question.  We also talked about how we need to persevere when working on math problems and not give up so easily.   

I came across a TED Talk video by Dan Finkel, the founder of Math for Love.  In this video, he discusses the five principles that he believes make for good math teaching which can be applied at home as well.  It’s an interesting way of thinking about math.  If you are interested, the video is around 14 minutes long.   

In Bible, we reviewed the story of Noah and the Ark.  Students reflected in their Bible book as to why Noah obeyed God.  Some thought that Noah was obedient because he trusted God even though others thought he was silly, while others thought that Noah knew the one true God.  We made a rainbow to decorate the front of the Bible book to remind the students of God’s covenant with us and Noah.   

We started Health this year by focusing on healthy lifestyle choices.  Students will explore ways to maintain proper hygiene and positive wellness choices such as the importance of diet, exercise and sleep.  This week, we discussed why we need to eat healthy foods and organized them into different categories such as healthy, unhealthy or in between (food that we can eat once in a while).  Most children suggested that pop is unhealthy and ice cream is more of a treat! 

In our first inquiry unit of the year, Matter Matters, we will be exploring the big idea that “everything is made up of matter”.  Students will inquire into the properties of matter (how something acts, feels, and looks) and how they affect its function.  We launched the unit this week by introducing the topic to the students.  

A reminder that our Literacy Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 at 7 pm.  We will be discussing our literacy program and ways that you can help your child at home.

Have a fruitful weekend!

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