Oct 18

Dear Parents, 

The author who we will be focusing on over the next few weeks is Mo Willems.  He is known for the Piggie and Elephant series, and the Pigeon series. We read a few of his books this week and watched video interviews of him to learn more about his writing process.  The students said that they enjoy the humour that is in most of his books and the familiarity of the characters in his stories.  In addition, each child should have received their home reading package this week.  The package needs to come back to school on the day of the week specified on the bag so that your child can exchange for new books.   

We introduced two new reading strategies to our CAFE menu, Ask someone and Check for understanding.  Ask someone is a reading strategy where students can expand their vocabulary by asking someone (usually an adult) to define words that they may not have seen before.  As you read with your child at home, when reading books that are above their independent reading level, try to point out several words that your child can use naturally in their writing or oral speech.  Challenge your child to use those words for the rest of the week.  On the other hand, we check for understanding by pausing several times during a read aloud and retell what we have just read in our own words.  I will continue to model these strategies when I read with the students. 

This week, students played various games to help with their number sense using dominos, ten frame cards and playing cards.  They continued to work on math problems that reflect their application of some of the skills that they have learned throughout the week in Math.  

In Bible, we continued to look at the story of Abraham and Isaac to learn how we are blessed when we obey God.  The students reflected in their Bible workbook about what they have learned from Abraham.  We continued to study our memory verse 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and the students will have a chance to recite the verse next week.

We began our new Inquiry unit of Me to We.  The students will be exploring the roles that they have at home, in school, and in their community and how they can contribute to the groups that they belong to.  This week, we defined the groups that we belong to (e.g. family, school, class, sports team, etc.) and talked about ways that we can help 1C.  The students worked in their table groups and contributed to this question.   

In Health, we discussed why we need to take care of our teeth.  Some students suggested that we need our teeth to eat, speak, and smile.  We also talked about ways that we can take care of our teeth, such as getting regular checkups, brushing and flossing our teeth daily, and consuming a diet rich in calcium to strengthen our teeth. 

Have a great weekend! 

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