Oct 25

Dear Parents, 

Since the start of school, students have been writing in their writing books about one interesting thing that they have done over the weekend.  Keeping their writing focused and exploding a small moment (adding details to one event) are skills that we will continue to reinforce this year.  We also read several books written by Mo Willems, our featured author, and contrasted his different stories.  The students reflected and thought that the Pigeon series and the Elephant and Piggie series have fewer words and are funnier than his Knuffle Bunny books. They also thought that Knuffle Bunny could be based on his own experience as a dad and that writers can get ideas from their own experiences.   

We introduced two reading strategies this week that some students probably already use when reading: Back up and Reread and Eagle Eye.  With the first strategy, students are encouraged to reread parts of the text that they may not understand to improve on their comprehension of the story.  On the other hand, Eagle eye is a strategy that encourages students to use the pictures to confirm or decode unfamiliar words.  If possible, when reading with your child, you can use the same terminology that we use to describe the reading strategies that we have covered. 

Our school’s book fair is scheduled for Oct 28 to Nov 1.  If you are interested in buying books for your child, you can visit the fair at these times:  

Monday 9:30am-6:00pm  

Tuesday 12:00am-8:00pm (Closed between 5-6pm) 

Wednesday-Friday 8:30am-3:15pm  

You are also welcomed to purchase books for our classroom library.  A wish list will be compiled by next Tuesday.    

In Math, students worked on different activities to develop their number sense this week.  They made their own number line to reinforce their understanding of number sequence.  Being able to see and work with a number line enhances their mental math strategies for adding and subtracting numbers.  We will be referring to this tool throughout the school year.  Students also filled in and decorated their own November calendar with dates that are important to them.  We will be completing a monthly calendar each month going forward.  Please help your child put the calendar in a place where they can see and make use of it to reinforce the concept of time. Some suggested that they would like to tape it to their doors, inside their room or on the refrigerator door.  We discussed how the calendar can help us organize our routines.   

In Bible, we continued to review the stories of Noah, Abraham and Isaac and discussed rules that we need to follow in school and at home.  Some of the students said that we need to follow class rules such as putting their hands up before speaking, staying on task, and cleaning up their desk after completing a task.  Some also suggested that they need to obey rules at home such as not jumping on their beds and keeping their room tidy.  We talked about how these rules help to keep us safe and help us learn in school. 

In our Inquiry unit of Me to We, we continued to look at the different groups that the students belong to and how they can contribute to them.  Some students suggested that we need to be caring, cheer for and listen to our friends when we are part of a sports team.  They also suggested that you can help your family by doing the laundry, taking care of their brothers and sisters, and setting the table at dinner time. 

As there is no school next Tuesday, our library class will be moved to Wednesday.  Please help your child bring their library books and library bag that day. 

Have a good weekend and I look forward to meeting you next week during our Parent-teacher conferences!  

More Book Fair information from Ms. Huber: 

  • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday) 

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