Nov 21

Dear Parents, 

In Language Arts, we reviewed some of the observations that the students have of our featured author, Robert Munsch.  They noticed that his books are always about young children, that there is usually a repeating pattern and that he makes children laugh by being silly.  We also contrasted some of his books and found that some can leave us with a surprised ending (e.g. The Paper Bag Princess) and some can leave us a bit sad (e.g. Love You Forever).  

In Math, we continued to explore different addition strategies, such as Count On (e.g. What is 3+2? I count from 3 then 2 more) and Make Ten (e.g. What is 9+5? I can take 1 from the 5 and add it to the 9 to make 10, then add the 10 to the 4) using math tools, such as the number line, ten frame, fingers, and 100chart.  They were given a chance to apply those skills with math (word) problems to solve.  The students also completed the December calendar by putting in dates that are important to them.  Again, please help your child place the calendar in a location where he/she can see and make plans for the week.    

In Bible, we continued to look at the message of trusting God.  This week, we reviewed the story of Moses and looked at the life of Joshua.  We discussed how God spoke to Moses and chose him because of his faith to lead his people into Canaan.  We learned that Joshua was initially hesitant to lead the Israelites after Moses died, but trusted that God can lead them to a victory over the Canaanites.   

In Health, we continued to look at common illnesses and medical conditions affecting young children.  This week, we talked about the causes of asthma and ways that we can control it. 

In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky, we examined how winter affects the clothes that we wear, as well as the things that we can do and see.  The students thought that we need to wear clothing to keep us warm, such as thick jacket, pants, boots, mittens, scarves and hats.  They also noticed that we can go skiing, play in the snow, and see birds migrating during this season. 

1C will be celebrating Christmas with activity centres on Wednesday, Dec 11 from 9:00-10:30.  We are asking for parent volunteers to come and run different centres, such as games in the small gym, bingo, and crafts.  If you could help, please email me by December 6.  Thank you in advance for your help.   

Have a restful weekend! 

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