Jan 24

Dear Parents, 

This week was Dance week and students had a chance to learn some dance moves from our instructor Nando.  Here are some pictures and videos of our young dancers!

Dance Week video 1

Dance Week video 2

During our literacy centres this week, the students reread some of the books that we have read this year and tried to find interesting first sentences that made them want to read on.  We compiled these into an anchor chart for the students to refer to when they are writing.  We also introduced two reading strategies, Ask questions and Skippy frog, to the students.  We talked about how asking questions can help us understand the text better and that there are two types of questions, quick and deep-thinking questions.  Quick questions are quick to ask, quick to answer, and is right there in the book.  While the answers to deep-thinking questions are not directly in the book and are more inferential, help us think beyond the story, and the answer can differ from one person to the next.  As for Skippy frog, I have included a short video to illustrate this decoding strategy: 

In Math, we discussed where we can use our subtraction skills (e.g. helps us when we are shopping) and introduced some math vocabularies to help us describe a subtraction number sentence such as minuend, subtrahend and minus.  Most students have suggested that you can use manipulatives (e.g. fingers, counters) or count back on a number line to subtract numbers.  We worked on a few questions using these methods and asked the students to apply them on their math worksheets.  It is our goal to move students from the counting stage to the reasoning stage (students can explain with reasons how they got the answer) and eventually to the mastery stage (instant recall of answer) over the next year or two. 

In Bible, as we continued to look at the Book of Judges, we examined the story of Ehud and how he led the Israelites to defeat their oppressors, the Moabites.  We played Freeze Frame to reinforce the story. 

In our Inquiry unit of Amazing Animals, we looked at two adaptations that animals make to live – migration and hibernation.  The students found out that animals migrate to find food, water, and shelter.  They also learned why animals hibernate and how they prepare themselves beforehand. 

As we continued to discuss ways to be safe in Health with the students, we examined the topic of bullying. We defined a bully as someone who says or does hurtful things repeatedly to another person.  When being bullied, we should not feel embarrassed and tell an adult immediately.  We can also tell the bully how you feel calmly or stay with friends who can help us.  When seeing someone being bullied, we should help by telling an adult about what happened.   

A reminder that we will be going ice skating next Tuesday, January 28.  We will be leaving school at 10:15 (student will have a quick snack before we go on the school bus) and begin skating at 10:45. The skating session will end at 11:45 and we should be boarding the school bus at 12:00 so that we can come back for lunch.  Please either email me or make a note in your child’s Back and Forth book if you can come and help.  If you are available, meet us at the Minoru Ice Rink by 10:30.  You can skate with us for free, but siblings will not be allowed to go on the ice. 

Wishing you and your family good health this Chinese New Year! 

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