Mar 13

Dear Parents, 

Thank you for coming in today to support your child during Chapel.  The students worked hard these last two weeks in preparation for this presentation.  If you are interested in obtaining the Chapel video that we made, you can view or download it from the following link: 

This link will only be available for the next two weeks for privacy reasons.  You can also send a labelled USB with your child to school after Spring Break so that I can download the video on to it.   

The report cards have been released online today.  Please take a few minutes over the weekend to discuss with your child what they have done well in and what they need to improve on.  Regular reflections enable students to be more aware of their thinking and learning.  

In Language Arts, students continued to rotate through different literacy centers to write creative stories, practice their handwriting, study/analyze words, and listen to reading.  They also listened to their peers present their creative stories and learned to ask questions and provide relevant feedback. 

In Math, students were given another chance to apply their addition and subtraction skills in our mock shopping centre.  They were also introduced to the other coins in the Canadian money system (e.g. nickel, dime, and quarter).  We also practiced how we can efficiently add groups of coins quickly using 10 as an anchor or putting them into groups of tens.  Over the holidays, when possible, allow your child to use money to buy small items at a convenience store to consolidate their mental math strategies.  As well, if you are traveling overseas, let your child contrast and compare the money from that country in terms of the denominations used and the pictures on the money.  The students also completed their April calendar by putting in dates that are meaningful to them. 

In Bible, we continued with the story of David and Saul.  This week, the students discovered that David restrained himself from harming Saul because he was anointed by God.  God was with David and kept him safe from Saul.   

In our Inquiry unit on Diversity, the students shared the kinds of food that they make at home or enjoy eating as a family.  We continued to reinforce the idea that even though we are different, we are the same as we are created in the image of God. 

After the Spring Break, we will begin a Health unit on Ways to Succeed.  Students will be expected to learn strategies/core competencies that can help them achieve their goals.  

Have a great Spring Break! 

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