September 9 – 13

We all had a great time last week at school. As we move into our third week, remember that your child has been very busy learning about a new environment, routines, rules, expectations, people, relationships and oh yeah – all sorts of information, too! Be intentional about providing rest and “down time” so that your […]

Call for Recess Supervisors !

There are so many great reasons to sign up and be paid to be at RCS. This year we have switched when we need Parent Volunteers to ONLY be at Morning Recess. Why is that so great? It is great because Parent Supervisors have less students at one time to supervise because we have two […]

September 2 – 6

Dear K1 parents, Please give yourself a round of applause! Thank you very much for preparing your child well for entering Kindergarten. I hope the children enjoyed the first week of school of learning different new faces. We played a variety of games to get to know our names. They were busy learning routines and […]

Welcome to K2!

Dear K2 families, I am so excited to start Kindergarten with you this year!  I look forward to meeting your family on Tuesday and showing your child our classroom.  Just a quick couple of notes from me to start off the new school year: Email/ Blog: I use email and this blog as my primary […]