October 7 – 9

Happy Thanksgiving! I pray that you all will have a great time celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. As Christians, we have a lot to be thankful for and Thanksgiving is a great time to remember our blessings. Last week, we read “If you are thankful and you know it” and “Thankful” […]

K Digital Discipleship

Before we begin our iPad program for Literacy Rotations next week, we will be focusing on Digital Citizenship this week. We will talk about “Media Balance” and learn about “Pausing for Adults” through song, activites, and stories. I will send home a family resource on Monday with your child. It is good at a young […]

Sept 30 – Oct 4

Our theme for this week was SHAPES, and how God created shapes and colours all around us. They even created a self-portrait using shapes! You can check these out on the bulletin board located outside the “back” door (in front of the 5HN classroom). We will be focusing on sorting and patterns the following weeks. […]

September 23-27

The October Newsletter and Calendar and Field Trip Information are now available! You can access them through the menu on the top of the website. Please let me know if you are having trouble finding it. October Good and Faithful Helper Theme: pumpkins, fall, numbers, patterns, Noah.  When it is your child’s turn to be […]

Outgrown Winter Clothes?

A message from a member of our RCS Prayer Team: If anyone has rain boots that your child(ren) have outgrown, they are looking for size 12 and 14 but there are also a few younger children (from 1-3 years old) ….so any winter/warmer clothing or extra blankets would be appreciated. Dockside Village (in Steveston) provides […]

September 16 – 20

Bible We are learning about God’s wonderful creations. We discussed about how we are different and unique. Even though we look different and come from a different family, God loves us the same. Chapel We had an outdoor chapel that Mr. Paul and Mr. P were riding a zip-line to soar! We have learned that God […]

K2 Parents Contact Info

K2 Parents Contact Information Here is the FINAL *updated* copy of the contact information (there was a little typo on the version I sent out). Play dates are a great way to connect and build community with other parents and students in the class! I look forward to hearing lots of stories from the kids […]

September 9 – 13

We all had a great time last week at school. As we move into our third week, remember that your child has been very busy learning about a new environment, routines, rules, expectations, people, relationships and oh yeah – all sorts of information, too! Be intentional about providing rest and “down time” so that your […]

Call for Recess Supervisors !

There are so many great reasons to sign up and be paid to be at RCS. This year we have switched when we need Parent Volunteers to ONLY be at Morning Recess. Why is that so great? It is great because Parent Supervisors have less students at one time to supervise because we have two […]

September 2 – 6

Dear K1 parents, Please give yourself a round of applause! Thank you very much for preparing your child well for entering Kindergarten. I hope the children enjoyed the first week of school of learning different new faces. We played a variety of games to get to know our names. They were busy learning routines and […]