September 16 – 20

Bible We are learning about God’s wonderful creations. We discussed about how we are different and unique. Even though we look different and come from a different family, God loves us the same.

Chapel We had an outdoor chapel that Mr. Paul and Mr. P were riding a zip-line to soar! We have learned that God is always with us, and if we are on His solid ground, we will not fall.

Literacy Literacy goals for the month of September include being able to recognize, read and print their own name.  Students are practicing capital letters and sounds.  Students are discovering that speaking & listening are skills we need to practice and grow so that we can learn.

Numeracy Math goals for the month of September include identifying basic shapes, exploring how shapes are used in our world, and using shapes as a vehicle to create.

Social/ Emotional Learning: Last week, we talked about why God created us with two hands, and how we should use them wisely to show love and care to each other. Please continue to chat with them at home about how we use appropriate words and actions towards others.


Rest Cloths If your child’s rest cloth was sent home with them on Friday, please bring a smaller one for Monday, labelled with their name. 🙂

Library is every Thursday! Please equip your child with a sturdy, large library bag, clearly labelled with his/her name.  Starting next Thursday (Sept. 26), your child will be allowed to borrow books from the library but only if they have a bag! These bags can be placed in the library bag box.

Our first field trip is booked for October 16, 2019 (Wednesday).  A consent form has been sent last week, and must be approved via MySchoolManagement.

Family Groups:  We will have our first Family Groups on Friday, September 27th.  We have Family Group activities several times a year to build community between the grades.  Your child will be going with 1 or 2 other students in our class to another classroom to form a Family Group with other K-grade 5 students.  This Friday will be an introduction activity where we get to know the other students.  Students come to our classroom in the morning as usual, when the bell rings we begin with Family Groups right away.  A grade 5 student will come to our classroom to pick up the Kindies.  After the activity, we will meet back in K1 classroom where the kindies return to me.  Please chat with your child about this so they know what to expect.

HeadphonesPlease bring in the money and form for the headphones if you have not done so. This is not mandatory, though it would be helpful for when we start using the iPads. You may also wish to bring your own for your child. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Prayer Requests

  • For students to continue transitioning to full days.  Pray that students will have easy and excellent rest in order to regulate his/her feelings and responses throughout a busy day.
  • For good health and wellbeing as cold & flu viruses are upon us!

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