September 23-27

The October Newsletter and Calendar and Field Trip Information are now available! You can access them through the menu on the top of the website. Please let me know if you are having trouble finding it.

October Good and Faithful Helper Theme: pumpkins, fall, numbers, patterns, Noah.  When it is your child’s turn to be the Special Friend, help them pick something to do with any of the themes to share.  Ideas might include: squashes, pumpkins, pine cones, something striped or dotted, animals, etc.  If it is too difficult, then they may bring something they made. This theme will begin October 17, 2019.

Reading Buddies: We are so excited to have Grade 4 students come to our class twice a month this term! It has been a great opportunity for our kindies to interact with their older buddies in our school and build up a sense of community. K2 really enjoyed it, and can’t wait for the next time.

Literacy Rotations:

  • We have been focussing on writing our names with an uppercase letter for the first letter and lowercase for the rest.  Take some time to encourage your child to use the right sized letters for their name!  I will be encouraging them to do this each time we have to write our name in class. My hope is that students learn to form letters the right way which will help them write faster and more fluently.
  • We have recently completed reading booklet called “Colour Monsters”.
  • We have also been learning the song lyrics of God Made Me ! They love how fun it is to sing very fast. Here is the video of the song

Bible We’re learning about Creation during bible time.  Students are hearing about the order of creation, and how God intended his work to be good.

Social/ Emotional We have begun to explore emotions through the Zones of Regulation, and how it looks like on our faces and body language. We have discussed how feelings impact our thinking and behaviour, and different strategies to calm down when needed. Kimochis have been a huge hit in our class, and they love the cute characters. A copy has been sent home with your child last week! Feel free to use it in your home, as it will help them to learn how verbalize their emotions and know that home is a safe place to express themselves.


Play-Doh: If there are any parents who know how to make play-doh and can make some for the class to use, that would be amazing! It would count into your volunteer hours 🙂

Recycling Plastic: Unfortunately, our school does not take plastic recycling which is why all three Kindergarten classes have decided to have our own plastic recycling bin in the classroom. If there is someone who would be willing to take care of it, then it would be very much appreciated. It would be a matter of bringing it back to your residence and putting it in your own blue bin.

First field trip: permission forms were sent to MySchoolManagement last week. Please review the form carefully and provide the appropriate consent in order for your child to participate. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Extra Clothes Please continue to replenish and check your child’s extra clothes box! Rainy season will be upon us, and accidents do occasionally happen. Rain boots are also a good idea.

Prayer requests:

  • For good health and wellbeing so that we can all be ready to learn.
  • For relationships with peers and teachers to continue establishing in a strong and secure manner.

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