Week in Review

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Hello parents!

Another week has flown by. All of our classes were very busy, and with the help of parent volunteers I was able to get new books on the shelves!

Kindergarten – We went over our class routines, and how to take care of books with help from Mr. Wiggle the library bookworm. They know they need clean hands, keep food and drinks away and if they find a tear, to show Ms. Huber. I have special book repair tape. Next week they will all have the opportunity to check out 2 books. Please send a sturdy library bag with your child.


Grade 1 – This week was another opportunity to decorate library keys, and then find books. Many students enjoy non-fiction books! They are eager to learn.

Grade 2 – Ms. Chan, Ms. Yen and Miss Hesmert all helped me out with our story, This is My Book! by Mark Pett. I was the narrator and each teacher filled in as the adorable panda named Spike. While a very funny story, it also reminded students that they need to take care of the books they borrow.


Grade 3 – The Skunk by Marc Barnett is a story about a man who is continually followed by a Skunk. The wild chase was thoroughly entertaining for our students. You will have to ask them if he ever got caught!



Grade 4  – This was their first week with library keys, so most of class was spent working on name designs while I read most of the first chapter of The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt. This is a great series about a nanny who is, you guess it, a pig! Next week we will be continuing the book to give the students a better taste. This series is in process of getting new cover designs, so I have not been able to get many more for the library yet. Hopefully soon!


Grade 5 – This year I am changing our library keys into library cards. Each key has the student’s barcode on it so they can scan the key instead of me having to look for their name on the list during class time. I’m hoping it leads to a more efficient checkout time. In grade 5, I am allowing them to scan and check out their own books. So this week we practiced scanning their keys and books. This new found independence was very exciting for them. After school we don’t use keys so the regular class binder will still be used.

Happy weekend and happy reading!

Ms. Huber



First Full Week Complete!

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The library is up and running! Well I suppose up and “walking” would be better since I don’t promote running in the library. It has been great seeing all of the classes come in this week. Before I get into what we all did, we need to back track to Saturday.

Summer Reading Club

Over the summer many of our students participated in the summer reading club at Richmond Public Library. So many in fact that we received the trophy for having the highest percentage of participants out of all of the schools! The summer finale party was on Saturday. Many of our families were able to attend and see the trophy. RPL will be coming to our school in the future to present the trophy to the school. We will keep it for approximately 6 months, and then it will be displayed at the Brighouse branch. What an exciting accomplishment for our students.

Week at a Glance

This week was spent going over library routines, expectations and working on our keys. All of our students know how to speak “Librarian” very well. If you’re not sure what that is, please have your child demonstrate. Our Kindergarten students did a tour of the library and learned where the story (Picture Books) and learning (Non Fiction) books are located. Next week we will be going over routines. They will not be taking out books until Sept 25th.

Our students in grades 1-5 had the opportunity to take home books. The grade 1’s were very excited to learn they could take home 4 books instead of 2.

In grade 4 we read “Be Quiet” by Ryan Higgins. He is a fantastic author and these students were introduced to him last year with “Mother Bruce.” “Be Quiet” is a book about a mouse who wants to create a wordless picture book. Unfortunately his friends will not stop talking. This book had the students laughing the whole time. I can tell it will be hard for me to keep it on the shelf.

Happy Reading!
Ms. Huber




Welcome Back!

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Hello to our RCS community!

Welcome to the new library blog! I will be posting information and updates throughout the year as well as sharing the books I’m reading with the various grades.

Important information for library classes

This year all grades are required to have a library bag in order to take out books during their scheduled class time. Grades 3-5 have library included in their switches schedule. A library bag is very important so that when they switch to another class (French, PE or Music) the books are kept together in the hallway.

Bags will be required starting Monday, September 11.

Library class days:
Kindergarten – Monday
Grade 1 – 1D – Wednesday, 1N & 1C – Friday
Grade 2 – Monday
Grade 3 – Tuesday
Grade 4 – Thursday
Grade 5 – Wednesday

Happy Reading!
Ms. Huber & Mrs. Mung