Where has the time gone?

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My apologies for not posting recently!  Time has just flown by. One of my weeks was cut short due to the first cold of the year, and the next week was due to the annual conference we attended. Here is a summary of what each grade has been doing in library.

We are still going over routines and getting used to picking out our books. It is definitely hard to make decisions with so many books to choose from. In November we will be starting stories! I can’t wait.

Grade 1:
We have started to tie in our classroom authors (David Shannon and Todd Parr) with our library keys. All of the students wrote down their class author on the back of their key using 2 colours. We use 2colours because we’re learning about Call Numbers and how the library is organized. In the picture book section we use the author’s last name. Now our students can recognize what letters they need to look for when finding their favourite authors. During the school year we will be adding to the library key as the classes learn about different authors.

Grade 2:

Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians reminded us how to pick “good fit books”, and how to place books back on the shelf, in a fun way that mirrors the traditional Goldilocks and the 3 bears story.

If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, DON’T! Is such a fun story. The kids loved imagining what would happen if a circus actually did come. It would be terrible! The library is a quiet space!

Sam and Dave Dig a Hole is one of my favourites. These two boys are digging and digging while jewels are all around them. However they just keep missing them by changing direction. The excitement for the kids is hard to contain.

Grade 3:

The Runaway Dinner is a fun adventure where, you guessed it, the dinner runs away! There are so many different characters and adventures the students enjoy just trying to keep up with them all. The biggest piece of the puzzle: Where is Peter the pea? You’ll have to ask your child!

Mother Bruce turned out to be a repeat for them but that is ok. It is fun to hear stories more than once. I read this in anticipation for the latest in the Bruce series. It is currently on its way to our library and I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival!

The Best Bookworm Book is about a brother and sister team who are writing a story together. It turns out they have very different opinions and we were able to discuss the pros and cons of writing with another author.

A Big Surprise for a Little Card is about the land of cards and how each one has a special job. Well the birthday card and the library card got mixed up. After the “birthday card” was trained he finds out that he is actually a library card. Of course then he gets to experience the excitement of the library, which is almost like a birthday party!

Grade 4

On the day I was sick, Mrs. Mung filled in for me and read An Undone Fairy Tale. The reader reads too quickly for the illustrated so many of the pages are unfinished or props are out of place. Every page is hilarious. It is a favourite among our students.

The past 2 classes have been filled with continuing on in The Adventures of Nanny Piggins. I wish I could read this to the students every day! They are all enjoying it a lot. There are a few more in the series that I’m hoping will be on our library shelves very soon. I love finding a new series that the students enjoy.

Grade 5

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9! 7 Ate 9 follows the mystery of the missing 9. It is full of puns and jokes that kept everyone laughing.

A Horse Named Steve is about a Horse who wants to be exceptional. So he attaches a horn on his head to be different from everyone else. But what happens when his horn disappears? He doesn’t feel so special anymore. A story that touches on our similarities and differences.

Next week I will be doing class draws for book fair prizes!! Our book fair is coming up Oct 30th to Nov 3rd. Stay tuned for more information next week.

Until then, happy reading!