January 20

Special Grade 3 Event Today

Today, during lunchtime, the Grade Threes participated in an experiential activity. They were divided into 3 different groups:

  • The Blue Group was served pizza and juice. They sat at tables and were allowed to have seconds. They were also invited to line up first.
  • The Yellow Group was given water and rice with meat. They sat on chairs and were served second.
  • The Red group was only given rice. They sat on the floor and if they were thirsty, they were asked to walk to the water fountain. They were not allowed seconds.

The room was silent and the students were encouraged to write down what they were observing, wondering and feeling. When we discussed what happened back in the classroom, the one word that summed up the event was “unfair”.

We discussed how their experience is similar to the real world. What students experienced for 30 minutes is what some people feel their whole lives. The students made a connection that there are people in the world with a lot (abundance) and people in the world with very little (scarcity). We talked about how the world’s resources are not shared equally and many people with a lot often waste the things they have. Students were challenged to think of solutions to this problem and were asked to picture how God would want our world to look like.

We will continue talking about these themes of abundance and scarcity this term. Please continue to have this conversation with your child at home. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about the activity, please send me an email!

January 14

Happy Weekend!

Happy first week back to school! So much has happened already! Here is a picture from our Pajama Day Event. It was so great to see everyone in their pajamas and their adorable stuffies!


See you on Monday!



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January 9

Pajama Day this Friday!




This Friday is Pajama Day! Your child is invited to wear his/her pjs to school and bring a small stuffy. During Family Groups this Friday morning, the students will be reading with a buddy. They are welcome to bring a favourite book from home, labelled with their first and last name, or use the classroom books. There will be no chapel in the gym this Friday.

December 10

December is busy!

What a week it has been for 3N! From the Christmas concert, to carolling, to finishing up our CAT Tests! God chose this perfect timing to speak to us during devotions; reminding us to centre our lives around him in all things. We have been practicing ways to listen to God throughout the day.

Thank you God for giving us strength for the week! You truly sustain us!

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Have a great week!



December 3

Gingerbread Decorating in Family Groups

On Friday, RCS had its annual Gingerbread Decorating Event within the Family Groups.

Students in 3N were NOT thrilled about it.








Just kidding!






Gingerbread, icing, candies……and more CANDIES! Of course, 3N were happy campers!

It was a day filled with smiles, community and fun! Great job 3N! May this same joy continue to follow you into the weekend!


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November 27

Gifts for the Manger Contributions Begin on Monday

The elementary campus will be collecting items for babies and new moms for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver. Gifts will be collected in a special box in each classroom starting November 27th and will be presented to the CPC on December 8th. Suggested items are sleepers and outfits (newborn-12 months), undershirts, bibs, blankets, towels, washcloths and bottles. Socks, slippers, hats, shampoo, lotion, diapers, wipes and toys are also greatly appreciated. Other suggestions are powdered formula, baby cereal and jarred baby food. Items for moms could include toiletries, magazines and treats.
Thank you for all your support!
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November 18

Happy Friday!

3N, you worked very hard this week! From practicing for the upcoming music performances to testing out our floaters during Science class; you were ready, focused and eager to learn!

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Have a great weekend!

November 11

Field Trip to the Museum of Anthropology!

This week 3N went on their first field trip of the school year….to the Museum of Anthropology! It was a day filled with hands-on activities and eye-opening teachings. We learned about the First Nations people; specifically how the cedar tree played an integral part of their culture and the different types of poles that they carved.  Students were engaged and asked thoughtful questions!

Thank you also to our parent supervisors! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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November 4

What a busy week!

What a busy week it has been for 3N! From pumpkin carving, to parent teacher conferences, to Super Hero day! Time to rest up and recuperate over the weekend. Wishing you all a relaxing and restorative weekend.

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Here are some photos from our Pumpkin Carving event with our Grade 8 buddies on Tuesday. Enjoy! 

October 28

Enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Friday!

What a glorious few days it has been- with all the warmth and sunshine! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy God’s beautiful creation!

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