January 8

One Spirit

Dear parents,

Happy New Year!

Thank you for entrusting your beautiful children into my care for 6 precious hours a day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed their smiles and thoughts today. I must say you are all doing incredible jobs as parents. Parenting is a labor of love that never ceases to both inspire and “floor” me.  I have really appreciated the gracious gifts I’ve received from you through your kids already. I was told I am very lucky to have this group of students and their moms and dads and after looking at the “parent availability” excel sheet that Mrs. Ng left for me I wholeheartedly agree.

Just wanted to say a quick hello before the week gets too far ahead of me. My name is Nick.  I am a “freshly” trained teacher from UBC, and was greatly blessed for several years through the RCS community as an EA in the past. The kids call me Mr. Agon. Perhaps our kids can tell you a little more about me until we can meet in person.

My hope is that we, at school, and you, at home, would all experience God’s great care and wisdom as “one body” during our time at RCS.

Please keep an eye out for our first newsletter of 2019. Looking forward to all the Father has in store for us!


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