April 7

Welcome Back!

It has been a joyful reunion, and a full first week back, for everyone in 3N. Thank you for all your support in giving  gifts to the people at UGM. Below is a photo of what all 3 classes were able to do together:

Our class alone gave $15 out of their own pockets, which was matched (doubled) twice by anonymous donors. So for each child who gave $1 or $2 of their own money, they were able to see that toonie become $60 which provides almost 20 festive Easter meals for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to celebrate Easter with an abundance of freshly prepared food.

Here are some photos from our recent field trips for you to enjoy, along with the rest of your Sunday afternoons.

Q&A in the bunkers.

“They get the whole room to themselves??”

After men and women graduate from the drug recovery program, UGM provides some transitional housing.

3N: Part of the view from the top of UGM’s downtown location

VSO Field Trip

Mrs. Ng’s Visit with Adam

We were all also very grateful for Mrs. Hesmert, who gave an enthralling presentation on what life was like in the prairies when she was a kid. We learned some jaw dropping, eye-opening things!

Records from the Past – Hesmert Family Artifacts

And, of course, our most recent trip to the Burnbay Village Museum: a follow-up to Mrs. Hesmert’s presentation, and a lead in to our own grade 3 artifact gallery walk this Friday.¬†The tram ride “dress up interviews” was a smash hit amongst our little ones.

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