May 13


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some photos of some past classroom activities for your viewing pleasure.

Kids “tunneling” into Bunce’s Duck Farm: A throwback to our end of Term 2 event: the Fantastic Mr. Fox Banquet!

Once inside, they had to work for Bunce in exchange for some of his goose liver donuts. He’d gotten a lot taller and skinnier since the book ended, but was just as nasty!

Burns Bog Field Trip

Our guide, Nicolai, was excellent: knowledgeable, fun, and hands (and noses) on!

A fallen tree that was still alive!

The Sunken Tractor at Burns Bog

May 2

Field Trip Details and More

Some reminders and clarifications for tomorrow’s trip to Burn’s Bog:

  • wear water resistant footwear.
  • dress in light layers, if possible. Students will be walking around through both warm and cool conditions.
  • “small” backpacks are OK. If a student doesn’t have a (non-luggage type) pack to bring, they may share with a friend.  The idea is to allow them to be agile for a forest adventure.
  • students will return in time for lunch at school, though they may miss some of lunch recess.

A 3N “Ultimatum”

  • a large number of students have still not yet handed in their completed First Peoples Books, or their Fantastic Mr. Fox “paper bag books.” These were both due before Easter. Because much class time has already been devoted to this work, and because we need students to be fully invested in the current curriculum, I have given the class an ultimatum: if they do not hand in both projects by Monday next week, they are likely to get a “1” this term on their report card work habits for “completing work on time.”
  • Could you please support your children with finding the time and resources they need to fulfill their responsibilities in this regard?


  • Yesterday, students filled out their sociograms to help us give them the best possible fit in grade 4 here at RCS. I look forward to praying over and planning this great puzzle piece with the team next week.

Volunteer Hours

  • Thank you for all the various ways and hours of support you already give to our little community.
  • If any of you are still looking for ways to fulfill hours this year, please let me know. I always have tasks that could use an extra hand around the classroom.

As always, your questions, comments, and presence is more than welcomed. Please call, drop by, or e-mail me about anything you’d like to discuss.