June 4

Field Trip Details and Class Updates

Thank you for paying special attention to helping our kids be ready for their VIP presentations! It has been extremely smooth and successful. So far, we have had several students memorize their poems, and have heard several testimonies of what God has done for those close to us.

Please pack a “bagged lunch” (something that is easy to eat without a table, and perhaps not too heavy to carry). We will be eating lunch at the Nature Park tomorrow before we begin our self-guided tour / scavenger hunt for SCIENCE IN ACTION! After lunch, each class will follow a different route through the trails at the park. The lighter students can travel, the more pleasant an experience it will be for them. They have been asked to leave “roller school bags” at school as with previous nature field trips.

The year is quickly coming to a close. To make time for our other school projects and experiences, there will not be anymore spelling work this year. Students’ spelling books will be sent home before the last day of classes, along with a few other items, to avoid a back-breaking trip home on the last day.

Next week, is known as “SWYK” week in 3N. There will be a number of assessments happening especially next week. I hope to keep homework at a minimum, but you can expect a few more study guides sent home.


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