June 7

Beginning of the End: SWYK Week and More

Now that we are in the season of sending things home for students to keep, we will need some extra transport capacity for all the things that need to go home. Backpack space may simply not be enough. Please continue to send your child’s library book bag with them to school starting Monday for all the extra goodies they’ll need to take home.

One of those goodies will be students’ core competency reflections from the year. Throughout our time together, students were asked to think critically about activities and experiences they had and record their thinking. These will be sent home on Wednesday. I hope they will give some insight the minds of our kids for you and be markers of their growth this year!

On Monday, we will have a SWYK for students’ learning from the stories in Exodus that we have studied so far. Study guides were sent home last Monday as a refresher, but didn’t need to be brought back to school. If your child has completed the guide, (it’s always better learning when students have to search and reach for things) and you’d like to encourage them to check their work, you can point them to  this Moses Study Guide Key or their lesson sheets, and of course the bible itself! We have been using mostly the ERV and NIRV for this unit.

Lastly, several big events are coming up for our community in these last 8 days of school. I hope some of you will be able to join in on the celebration of all the hard work, creative thinking, passion, and talents our children put into learning about Canada this term. If I don’t see you at the Canada Fair, I hope to be able to connect with you during our Garry Point Year End Picnic! Summer is just around the corner.

Have a restful and blessed weekend! Please enjoy these photos from our time at the Richmond Nature Park, courtesy of our parent volunteers.

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