June 13

Canada Fair

My sincerest “thank you!” to everyone for their parts in today’s Fair. Knowing that they have an appreciative audience is incredibly motivating for our children’s learning and in mustering the bravery it takes to perform. We are so blessed with your support.

Students have one last SWYK tomorrow on biodiversity. Tomorrow morning, we will be having a Canada “geography challenge” and reflection, before we send all our Canada work home. Students are encouraged to review the map page they were supplied with if they have time. The activity is meant to be fun and thoughtful “look back” on, perhaps, one of the units they enjoyed most this year.

If you have any photos from today, please consider forwarding me a few when you are able. I’d like to share them on this blog for any guardians that weren’t able to make it. Also, if your child would like to keep their powerpoints, please send a USB stick with them to school tomorrow.

Looking forward to our picnic on Monday!


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